Alison Gehred

Alison Gehred
Alison is an Air Force brat, who was born in Wisconsin (and she still visits there often to see extended family) and lived all over the West before her family settled in the Dayton area. Alison received her BA from Bowling Green State University where she met her husband, best friends who are like family, and worked at her college radio station. If there was a cool band in the mid aughts, chances are Alison played them on her show "My Aim is True." Alison received her MLIS from the University of Wisconsin and moved back to southwest Ohio. She reconnected with her now husband Mark and moved to Columbus a year later. Several years later, she is still working at Nationwide Children's Hospital as a medical librarian and they have a little boy named Rhys and two feisty cats. They are enjoying re-discovering Columbus as parents and enjoy what the city has to offer in the food, music, and art scene. Alison enjoys fashion, cult movies and tv shows, discovering new music and meticulously keeping track of it in various journals, BBC crime dramas, SCIENCE, reading all kinds of books, and cooking. Alison has her own personal blog about her life and things she finds interesting at She loves to write and hope you enjoy her vignettes about motherhood and this fair city.
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When I was pregnant with my son, we had a baby announcement on Facebook. Then I would mention being pregnant briefly, but I didn't post my ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, the name, the gender, pictures...

Sunny Street Cafe’s Dino-Mite Kids Week!

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It’s About Balance: Being A Mom With A Small Child And Chronic Pain

I had chronic lower back pain before I had my son. In fact, it was a real worry when I got pregnant. I had to go to the ER due to excruciating back pain where...
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A Love Letter to Franklin Park Conservatory

Let’s face it; this winter has been rough weather-wise. From the polar vortex to the never-ending snow, my family has been stuck indoors, and it has been frustrating. The first weekend we were snowed...
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