When Jen is not trading sarcastic jabs with her husband or hanging out with her kids, she can be found bargain shopping, digital scrapbooking, or *gasp* sleeping. She lives by the Golden Rule and tries to teach her kids to do the same. Jen is a school counselor and loves being an advocate for kids. She is mom to two awesome girls: a rule following, empathetic-beyond-her-years 5 year old and a spunky and sweet 1 year old. She has been married for ten years and has lived in Ohio forever. She was born and raised in the Cleveland area and established roots in Columbus 15 years ago. Her basement is full of "stuff" Including deals too good to leave at the store and childhood memories. She is a recovering people pleaser and a current Pepsi addict. She loves people watching but hates cleaning the bathroom. Jen is hopeful that Columbus Mom's Blog can help families in central Ohio connect while also creating that lost feeling of community that she craves.

Cleveland, The Cavs, and Raising Kids

They did it!  The Cavs made history.  The curse has been reversed.  Cleveland has reason to celebrate after 52 long years!  As a native Clevelander, I have spent the last few days reflecting on...

Planning a Successful Yard Sale

Who else is excited that yard sale season is upon us?!  As a bargain hunter who was raised on garage sales, I thought I'd share some tips for planning your very own clutter-clearing, money...

You’ll Understand When You’re a Mom

  Dear Mom, Each year as we near Mother’s Day, I find myself reflecting on my mother as well as my five short years with the same title. Every time I journey down this thought process,...

Live Performances with Kids: A Survival Guide

Don't you just love live performances?!  There is something magical about watching talented and passionate people perform live on stage.  I love that we can be transported to another time and place, one without...