Shaina Uehlin

Shaina is a stay at home mom of two active littles, aged four and two. She is a Columbus native, OSU alumni and lives on the east side with her husband of six years. You can catch Shaina running around town wearing yoga pants. You may think she is on her way to a beloved yoga class, or glistening with sweat on her way home, but she’s most likely running errands with her kids in tow. Shaina enjoys fantasizing about tasting wine and cheese at local wineries. Mostly, Shaina spends her time cleaning up around the house, grocery shopping, meal prepping, searching for serenity, watching bingeworthy shows with her husband and counting her blessings.
Sleep Consultant in Columbus

Little Sleepers, Big Dreamers: What It’s Like To Work With A Pediatric Sleep Consultant

We crave it. We need it. We fantasize about it. It is the forbidden fruit of parenthood.  Sleep. We all want it, but it seems as though it is just out of reach. If...
visiting pittsburgh

Pittsburgh : A Quick and Easy Family Getaway Guide

Schools out and the long-awaited summer is finally here! Now that the weather is warm and society is starting to open back up, are you looking for a quick and easy family getaway? Consider...

Making New Mom Friends

Before I became pregnant with my first child, I had a close-knit group of girlfriends. We spent a lot of time together as couples and just us girls. We went to concerts, dinner dates,...
hoping for a healthy pregnancy

Struggling To Find The Joy In Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy should be a time of elation and excitement but after a miscarriage, pregnancy can be filled with anxiety, fear and worry. I understand these feelings wholeheartedly and share my story with you about...
Umbrella Art at Easton

Exploring Easton’s Expansion District

Growing up on the east side of Columbus, I was thrilled when the plans for Easton were announced. Watching the evolution of Easton has been exciting and my feelings about the indoor/outdoor shopping and...
Valentine's Day at home

Valentine’s Day: Date Night In Ideas

Valentine’s Day date night 2021 may look a lot different for you this year, or if you are like me, not at all! I’m a homebody by nature and with little ones, my husband...

Living a Healthy Mom Lifestyle

Many of us have the best intentions at the first of the year, to live a healthy lifestyle, but mom life can easily distract us from making our health a priority. Our priorities are...

2020: The Year of Lifelong Change?

In January of 2020, the theme for the New Year became “the roaring 20’s”. Social media feeds were filled with 1920’s styled New Year’s Eve parties and hopes that this year would bring prosperity...

Thank You For Your Service On Veterans Day and Every Day

Growing up, I did not know many veterans or active military members. My grandfather served in WWII; however, we rarely spoke of or recognized his service to our country until the day he was...
miscarriage awareness

The Trauma of Miscarriage

I have experienced two miscarriages within the past year. Each miscarriage was different yet similar enough to result in what many other women see and feel; loss. After my first miscarriage, I realized that...