Fun Snow-Themed Foods


My kids are always more inclined to eat the food I make them when it looks fun! Is this the case with your kids, too? With winter here (and snow sticking around until spring sometimes!), I’ve compiled some of the fun snow-themed foods and snowman-themed foods I’ve made over the past few years. My kids have enjoyed all of these recipes, and I hope yours do too!

Snowman Oatmeal

This snowman oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to warm you up on those cold, snowy mornings! Use any oatmeal recipe you want and then top with shredded coconut, a mandarin orange nose and chocolate chip eyes and mouth. Voila! A fun winter morning breakfast that will not only warm you up but keep you full for hours as well!

Snowman Snack Plate Lunch

This snowman-themed lunch was a hit with both of my kids! I used vanilla yogurt, banana slices, and yogurt-covered raisins and decorated a bagel half to look like a snowman. It was so easy to make, yet my kids loved it!

White Snack Plate

I don’t know what it is about snack plates, but my kids love them! This white one was a hit with both my 5 and 8-year-old! Here’s what I used, but feel free to use whatever white foods your kids enjoy!

White fudge pretzels
Peeled apple slices
Mozzarella sticks
Vanilla Greek yogurt

Place all of the food on a large plate and let your kids have at it!

Melted Snowman Snack Mix

When my daughter was little, she liked to have all of her snacks mixed together. For a fun winter version, I created this deconstructed snowman snack mix. We’ve got popcorn and marshmallows for the snow, pretzel sticks for the arms, orange M&M’s for the nose, and brown M&M’s for the eyes and mouth! Perfect for a snow day snack!

Snowman Smoothie

While the kids were having craft time, I cut some eyes, a nose, and a mouth out of construction paper and taped them to a cup to make this fun snowman smoothie! Blend the following ingredients together, pour them into your fun cup and you’ve got a delicious snow-themed drink for a snack or to go with lunch!

3/4 cup milk (I use 2%)
1 banana, peeled + frozen
2 Tbs quick oats
1 Tbs peanut butter

I hope you enjoyed these snow-themed foods and found a couple to try making with your kids!


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