5 Cute Holiday Reads


I love to read and during the holidays there’s really nothing better to me than a cute holiday romance! Here are 5 of my favorite holiday reads, which you might enjoy this holiday season as well!

The Twelve Dates of Christmas, by Jenny Bayliss

Kate Turner lives in a small-town in England, where the dating scene isn’t very exciting. Her best friend signs her up for a dating agency, which is holding a “Twelve Dates of Christmas” where she goes on a date with twelve different men during the month of December. When the dates don’t go very well, she learns that love, sometimes like mistletoe, shows up where it’s least expected.

The Santa Suit, by Mary Kay Andrews

Ivy Perkins is newly divorced and in need of a change, so she decides to buy an old farmhouse sight unseen, in hopes of starting over. While going through the prior owner’s belongings, she finds a beautiful old Santa suit with an old letter, written by a child in one of its pockets. By trying to solve the mystery of who the letter belonged to, she makes friends, finds new work and becomes a part of her charming new town.

Christmas Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is back in a holiday special! Her family has moved back to England and she’s working in with her best friend, Suze! She’s ready for all the joy of the Christmas season, including celebrating the big day at her parents home. Then her parents throw a wrench in her plans and move to ultra-trendy Shoreditch and ask her to host! Surely she can handle this! I mean, what can go wrong?

We Met in December, by Rosie Curtis

It’s almost Christmas and Jess has just made a big move from small-town England to London. She’s living with her friend Becky and three other roommates in posh Notting Hill. She falls for her new housemate, Alex, on her first night there. She then leaves for a two-week ski trip and by the time she returns, Alex has already fallen for her other housemate, Emma! So now she must spend the next year living with both of them! However, one never knows what a year can bring and where she might be by next December!

Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

Vivian Forest has only been abroad once, so when her fashion designer daughter asks her to come along on a work trip to England over the holidays, how can she refuse? Her plan is to relax and see the British sights, but when a handsome private royal secretary comes along, all of those plans go out the window!

Do any of these books sound like ones you might like to read? If you have a favorite holiday book, I’d love it if you shared it with us in the comments below!