Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas


With Easter on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about Easter basket ideas! I’m always excited to put something together for my kids! Are Easter baskets fun for you to put together too?

Since we already do an egg hunt, where the kids get an overload of candy, I try to leave it out of their Easter baskets. There are so many fun options for non-candy gifts too. I’ve got over 40 ideas listed below that any child would love to find on Easter morning!

Outdoors Easter Basket Ideas 

Once Easter arrives the weather is usually warm enough to start spending some time outdoors! Hooray! I love to get the kids a few things in their Easter basket to start the season off on a fun note. Here are a few ideas to get the kids get even more excited about the arrival of warmer weather.

Also, I would probably be purchasing many of these items for my kids anyway once spring and summer arrives. I feel like it’s a two birds, one stone type of scenario to just purchase some of them now for their Easter baskets! #MomWin


Of course, even though we all feel like spring and outdoor weather is on it’s way, we also know there will sadly still be cold and rainy days ahead! To keep the little ones entertained a bit longer indoors, here are a few of my favorite ideas for Easter baskets for indoor play.


These probably aren’t the most requested items from kids to find in their Easter baskets, but my kids still get excited about them all the same. Also, like some of the other gifts, some of these would be purchased anyway, so why not just add them to their Easter basket? I find a box of character band aids are a lot more exciting in an Easter basket, then say after I come home from a random trip to Target.

Is there anything you’d add to the Easter basket list? If so, please share it in the comments, below!


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