Insta-style inspiration


Among the myriad ways one could describe me, “stylish” probably would not crack the top 50. And I’m OK with that. Keep it simple, less regret. But a little effort into not feeling or looking dowdy can go a long way toward a better disposition (hearkening back to the days of watching Stacey and Clinton on TLC’s What Not To Wear, right?), and I’m discovering that Instagram is my new Pinterest when it comes to style inspiration.

Momma in Flip Flops blogger Andrea

(Yes, I’m as up on social media trends as I am on fashion trends. I apologize if this post could have been written years ago.)

Don’t worry: I’m not talking straight out of the pages of Vogue or zillion dollar shopping sprees here. Just a few of my favorite accounts that post solid, doable, often affordable outfit ideas (and if you don’t have Instagram, I’ll link their websites too):

Putting Me Together (@puttingmetogether) is probably where it all began for me. I’d pinned several of Audrey’s style tips and tutorials and then followed her to IG where a whole new world was opened. She does fantastic reviews of sizing and cut and material and also links to where you can buy most of the pieces she’s wearing. Her site is – but be warned: you can get lost in there for hours with all the helpful info she has.

Momma in Flip Flops (@mommainflipflops) is mom-of-five Andrea who rocks some adorable tees and sports simple but very effortlessly pulled-together looking outfits. She knows how to look cute at her kid’s baseball games without looking like she’s trying to look cute. Her website is

Two Peas in a Blog twins make me wonder how I could’ve ever doubted peplum.

Two Peas in a Blog (@twopeasinablog) is run by identical twin sisters – one of whom lives in Columbus (the other in Raleigh, NC). They post so many cute tops that they actually have me reconsidering my stance on peplum and ruffles (which are so in right now, but I still am not sold on being able to pull them off). Their fashion and lifestyle site can be found at

The Darling Brunette (@thedarlingbrunette) Megan is probably my favorite of the bunch (I’m pretty sure she worked part time at Loft – she had fantastic new arrival and sale posts!), but she’s been on hiatus from her daily posts while pregnant. I’m selfishly hoping she resumes posting, but even if not, her feed still has plenty of ideas.

Lauren Loves (@the_laurenelizabeth) is just adorable. Lauren nails athleisure. Let us all learn her ways. And bonus – her sister is lifestyle and beauty blogger Kate Bryan (@k8_smallthings) who has THE most amazing hair styling tutorials you’ll ever see. Their sites are and

Jill has opened my eyes to how much more fun my sleeves can be

JillGG/Good life (@jillgg) has an easy, laid-back but still super cute style that is also budget-conscious (think Old Navy, Target, Loft with some Nordstrom thrown in). Like several of the others listed here, she’s part of the so you can “like” her posts and then get an email telling you where the pieces can be purchased (you do have to sign up first, though). Her blog is

And for a glimpse into my not so very fashionable but highly amusing life, you can connect with me on Instagram at @Lea_D_Design.