How to Potty Train in 2 Days!


potty_training_graphicPotty training can be a daunting task, so why don’t we talk about how to accomplish it in as little time as possible? Sound good?! I thought so! So, I did a lot of research before trying it out on my little one. Let’s go over some tips on how to get it over with in just one weekend. There are a lot of blogs, books, videos, and props out there designed to help through this process. The technique that most caught my attention was the one where you set aside 2 days for this intense training while making it a fun atmosphere and then reinforce the practice throughout the week. From all of the information I’ve read on this, it’s very important to be consistent- so try not to get discouraged and revert back to diapers.  It’s very important to have patience through the process and remind yourself that once it’s over the biggest reward will be that your child will be diaper-free!

First, you must have the right tools: 

1.) a potty chair or seat for the toilet

2.) a stool 

3.) big kid underwear 

Other optional items can be an introduction to Potty Training books and movies like “Elmo’s Potty Time”, “Caillou: No More Diapers” or “Potty” by Leslie Capricelli. Most of these books and other similar titles should be available at your local library and videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you want to get creative, you can buy a special potty doll or use an existing toy to demonstrate the potty act.

Designated Space

You will need to designate a small to medium-sized area or room that you will be spending the majority of the day in with potty chair in this space or it should be very close to the bathroom. This can be outside or inside, depending on the weather. Make sure there are enough toys, books, activities and games to keep your little one entertained throughout the duration of the potty training. If you are inside, make sure that there is hardwood or linoleum floor and steer clear of that nice Persian rug in your living room. There will be accidents in this process, so set yourself up for “easy cleaning” success. There should be a lot of snacks available and water and/or juice to keep the fluids flowing. Ideally, there will be potty breaks every 15-20 minutes if your tot is staying hydrated. 

Day 1

The first day, don’t put on pants or anything that will come between your tot and the toilet. This way he/she will be more conscientious about what’s happening, too. Make sure there is easy access to the toilet or chair for ease of use. There are a lot of recommendations about the use of special snacks and treats to reward potty time success, so this is also another good tool for positive reinforcement. One of the most important parts of this method is to give your child your undivided attention and praise positive behaviors while gently correcting and immediately cleaning up accidents. There are a lot of recommendations to take turns with your spouse/partner another adult to take shifts so that everyone keeps their sanity and stays patient. 

Day 2

On the second day, do everything you did the first day as far as designate an area and do activities but go ahead and allow the use of “big kid” underwear. Also allow the use of pants this time but make sure they are easy to put on and take off. You can probably go 20-30 minutes between potty uses and if the big kid underwear has special characters, reference the need that you want to keep character so-and-so dry.  If you have a good morning, you might also want to add an outing this day. Make sure your tot uses the potty before you head and out and as soon as you arrive where you are going. Keep this trip short (maybe just a walk around the block) and if you venture further out, make sure you bring wipes, extra underwear, etc. with you in case of accidents.

In regards to naps and sleeping throughout the night without a diaper, the outcomes can vary widely depending on the child, so go with your intuition on this one. You may want to use a diaper only at night for the first week and gauge if the diaper is wet in the morning or not. But, remember to take it off in the morning so that there is no regression during the day. 

I hope this post was helpful and encouraging to all potty training parents out there! Happy potty training!


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Victoria Calderon
Victoria is a Venezuelan-born American entrepreneur, blogger and author. She is also a daughter, sister, wife and mom to an energetic and adorable toddler. Her personal mission is to empower women and girls while raising awareness about infant mortality. She wrote a bilingual safe sleep baby book, "Welcome Home My Little One" and co-owns Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op with her sister, an independent coffee shop and co-working space with a social mission in Franklinton, Ohio. Victoria's educational background is in marketing and she also co-owns a niche marketing/consulting agency called AVANZA Business Solutions. Victoria's family has been living in Columbus, Ohio for the past 20 years and owns the local Arepazo Restaurants chain. Aside from being an entrepreneur, one of Victoria's favorite roles is being a new mom. She also thrives from being able to advocate for women, children and small businesses. By channeling her passion for family, diversity, social justice and helping small businesses, she’s been able to grow deep roots in Central Ohio and nationwide to add value to all of the individuals and organizations she interacts with. She splits her time between St. Louis, Missouri and Columbus, Ohio while her husband finishes his medical training. She has won numerous awards for community development and has received national recognition for her work reducing infant mortality and creating social change via social enterprise.