Word Vomit


Word Vomit. It’s not just a phrase from a popular teen movie, it’s an actual disorder. Okay, not really. But it feels that way. Symptoms typically include a burst of nonsensical, but excited, rambling. Your voice may also raise 2-3 octaves for no apparent reason. Population affected? Parents that have gone long bouts without adult interaction. 

I promise I am not typically an extrovert but there is just something about seeing another parent at the playground, play place, school pick up, wherever, and you immediately lunge for conversation like some kind of predator. “Oh look! Someone who also has children! Let’s talk about everything and be friends!” “Please?”

Am I the only one who leaves a gathering of adults thinking, “Why did I talk so much?” “Why did I say that?” As much as this whole phenomenon freaks me out, I take solace in the thought that all parents go through this brain fog where we make really strange social decisions that our younger selves would be completely humiliated by. For more examples of that you should check out: Sometimes I Don’t Recognize Me 

If you see me, or a parent like me, please have mercy on us. One day we will figure out this whole parent thing. Unless… does sleep deprivation cause permanent damage?