Last Minute Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Many thanks to our partners at Lucky Shoes for providing this great content.

It’s August already! This means Back-to-School shopping is in full swing! Shopping for Back-to-School can be overwhelming especially when you have multiple kids all needing different things! We have put together a few last minute shopping tips that should help your family save money, save time and help from buying items your kids don’t really need this year.

Review your kids’ clothing and shoes

Toss and/or donate things they have outgrown. Before stepping in a store figure out what your kids really need. How many pairs of t-shirts, pants, shoes and socks do they need? One thing kids seem to always outgrow is SHOES! See number #2 pronto! Get rid of clothing and shoe items that are too small. This way when you are in the store, you know exactly what you need and can save money and time by only shopping for what is on the list! 

Shop the Lucky Shoes store at Easton for your kids’ new shoes

At this convenient location (near Trader Joe’s), Lucky Shoes brings you a mixture of fresh shoe trends from the hottest brands— while helping you find the perfect fit for you and your family. Lucky Shoes saves you time by having all sizes of shoes and socks for the whole family at one store. Lucky Shoes recommends kids need:

  • 1 pair of sneakers
  • 1 pair of casual or dress shoes
  • 2 pairs of sandals or slip-on shoes
  • 5-6 pairs of socks

Lucky Shoes carries the largest selection of children’s shoes in Central Ohio, including, the Stride Rite collection. Their professional shoe fitters offer personalized service and expertise on all brands and all feet sizes. These professionals will take the time to measure each child’s feet and make sure the shoe fits correctly and comfortably. Lucky Shoes also saves you time and money because their shoes last! They are offering an animal backsack for FREE with a kid’s shoe purchase! Be sure to check out Lucky Shoes Facebook page for more details!

Review last year’s school supplies and clothing before going out to buy more

You might find a pencil box that was never used last year or a few items of clothing that were too big and now might fit! You can cross those items off your shopping list! Again saving you time!
Create a list and budget for back-to-school shopping. Once you have inventoried your kids’ clothing and school supplies, make a list and budget. This can help focus the shopping trips which saves time and sticking to the list helps your wallet!

Replace old kids’ backpacks with ones that are sturdy and ergonomic

Sometimes it is really convenient to buy the inexpensive backpack. But they end up falling apart before the end of the school year and you end up buying another one! Start the school year off with a sturdy and ergonomic backpack that will last all year long. This will definitely save time and probably money as well!

Include your kids in back-to-school shopping by letting them pick out their items

If your kids have a say in the shoes and clothes they will be wearing, there may be fewer hassles about what they wear on early school mornings because they picked the item out! Again saving you time when you need to get out the door!

Hopefully, these Last minute shopping tips are helpful in saving you time and money! Be sure to check out Lucky Shoes at Easton during your Back-to-School shopping! Happy Shopping!