Encouraging Growth and Conversation Through Journaling

Thank you to Big Life Journal for providing a copy of their 2nd Edition (ages 7-10) journal for this post!

My house has recently seen a lot of tough conversations surrounding current events. Of course, they are conversations that need to be had, but approaching them with young children can be a balancing act, and I’m always looking for resources to help facilitate our discussions. Although our children understand us to be a transparent family, it is important we continue to keep our lines of communication open and keep building our children’s confidence in having those conversations. We all know the topics only get more complicated with age and I want to be prepared as best I can!

When we learned about the Big Life Journal, I knew it was exactly what my 7-year-old daughter needed to help work through some of the issues we’d recently been discussing. With summer break upon us, a journal was a great way for her to work on her writing skills and provide a creative outlet while not in school. But this journal is so much more! Created with research-based strategies, this journal provides children opportunities for social and emotional growth through artwork, inspirational stories, and activities that are specifically geared toward her age group.

Journaling provides a creative outlet to build writing skills, as well as mindset growth.

The first activity my daughter completed in the Big Life Journal was the “about me” section, where there was space to draw her favorite things and what she liked about herself. The questions encouraged self-expression and, most importantly, self-love. Then it was time for her to choose a journal buddy – the person she would share her journal with and discuss the stories and writing prompts. I was really hoping she would choose me, and I was honored that she did! One of my favorite aspects of the Big Life Journal is how it progresses through themes, like overcoming challenges or growing from our mistakes. The age appropriate stories help give my daughter context, followed by a prompt to discuss her own personal conversation with her journal buddy (me). In just one week, this has sparked a lot of interesting discussions I may not have had with my daughter without this journal.

Big Life Journal uses positive psychology to teach children the importance of self-worth.

We are really enjoying the time we set aside each day to work on the Big Life Journal. It’s time to help us connect, have unique discussions, and promote social and emotional growth. Big Life Journal is helping change my daughter’s perspective of challenges and mistakes into positive learning experiences and encourages her to focus on how they are opportunities for growth rather than embarrassing setbacks. She is learning so many important mindset skills through writing activities that keep her engaged and I could not ask for more in a journal!




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Tiffany Bassler
Tiffany is a small-town girl from Southwest Ohio but has called Columbus home for the past 10 years. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a Master of Social Work, she worked full-time in the community helping the underserved senior population. She married her high school sweetheart, Weston, and they decided to eventually put roots down in Lewis Center. Three kids later, this small-town girl who loves the city is learning to navigate life as a stay at home mom in the ‘burbs. She is a proud mom of two girls, a boy, and two fur babies who know how to keep life interesting! They love exploring the food scene and family activities throughout Columbus, traveling, and are currently on a journey to visit all 50 states. You can catch all their adventures and more on Instagram @bringingupbassler.