Fairies and Outdoor Fun


Fairies and Outdoor Fun

My girls love the fairy house building section at Franklin Park Conservatory. I love adding new outdoor play options in our own backyard. The best part, most are foraged supplies and the others you can pick up at the Dollar Store.

Fairy Garden

Gather pine cones, bark, rocks, shells, sticks, dried up flowers, sugar gum tree seed balls or anything else you can find.  There isn’t a wrong way to do it. The gathering process is a great way to get some exercise and also keep those littles busy. Then, let their imaginations flourish.

creating a fairy garden in your yardMy youngest always makes piles with the supplies after the older two have left. The best part is that this is an ongoing activity that can be perfected, then reworked. You can create patterns, sort by colors or supplies, and much more!

playing in a fairy gardenFairy House

We used a large empty soap refill bottle to hot glue gun foraged supplies. There are many ideas on Pinterest. I took a few ideas and then just started gluing. Because you know if you try to replicate, you’ll have a 50/50 chance of a fail, ha! But I consider this one a win!

building a fairy houseWhispering Hello

My girl’s like to stop at these flowers on our walks and whisper hello to the fairies.  You have to whisper quietly because they have sensitive ears and you don’t want to startle them.  I just love their imaginations.

talking to fairies in gardenFairy Book Recommendation

We snagged an awesome pop-up fairy book at Goodwill-A Field Guide To Fairies.”  The pop-ups are intricate and beautiful. The information inside is magical and imaginative.

fairy book sparks imaginationFairy Perfume

Grab an old spray bottle, add a little water and let them create their own perfume. Add flower petals, fresh grass clippings and anything else that might attract and keep those fairies. Then mist your fairy garden and even yourself with some earthly goodness.

fairy perfumeFairy Nature Stew

Grab a big bowl and spoon and add water halfway. Let them create their own hearty stew.  My girls decided that mud was important. Be ready for some creative mess.

making fairy stew in the backyard

For additional ideas that spark creativity, check out these posts: Natural Play Spaces for Your Backyard and Backyard Play: Quick and Easy Ideas.

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