Meghan Sexton

Meghan Sexton
Meggie is a certified #boymom to Connor, 5, Cooper, 3, and Sawyer, 1. Luckily, she’s always been drawn to an active lifestyle and loves distance running, so she can usually keep up with their crazy. Growing up near Cleveland, Ohio, she’s been a Columbus transplant since attending college at Ohio Wesleyan University (after brief stint back in Cleveland to attend grad school at John Carroll) where she met her husband, Sam. Meggie currently works part-time as an event and marketing consultant ( and a run coach, balancing staying at home part-time with her boys. When she’s not busy with contract work or parenting, she can be found running races around town with Sam or enjoying all the local and lovely delicacies that uptown Westerville has to offer.
freestyle diapers

Pretty, Absorbent, Affordable and Eco-Friendly: One Mom’s Experience with the Freestyle Brand

As a mom of five who has been in the diaper game for almost a decade, when I was asked if I could try out a brand that promised to be better for the...
Hyperemesis Gravidarum

More Than Morning Sickness: My Journey With Hyperemesis Gravidarum

More than morning sickness: my journey with Hyperemesis Gravidarum Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Hyper-what? It sounded like some fancy medical diagnosis that would never touch my life, but…. alas, here I am, several months deep. I remember...

Gaining Perspective Through Loss

The loss of a parent is something I wish on no one, and yet, I can’t help but think the grief and the loss have somehow enveloped me with a perspective I wish I...

If You’re Grieving This Father’s Day

On January 22, 2020, I received a call from my mom that I had only imagined in my wildest nightmares. My dad tragically died in an automobile accident. A split second, a crashing impact...
life balance

The Balance Beam

How to Find Balance in Motherhood "Back in the day, women didn’t run themselves ragged trying to achieve some impressively developed life in eight different categories. No one constructed fairy-tale childhoods for their spawn, developed...
fall foods

Adventure Night at Trader Joe’s: This is 35.

Fall tends to mean everything pumpkin in this house. Pumpkin everything in this house also includes a plethora of pumpkin-themed foods and drinks. Pumpkin-themed foods and drinks lead me to our adventure at Trader...

Transporting, After-Care, and Before-Care…Oh My!

The stresses of childcare are for real. They have had me up at 3 a.m. over the past couple of weeks, ruminating over options, finances and logistics. I surely can't be the only one,...
summer date night ideas

Getting our Marriage MoJo Back this Summer

As I laid on my toddler's floor as he drifted into a dreaming wonderland, I delved into the first pages of my newest Magnolia Journal edition hardly able to contain my excitement. A raving...
pregnancy and eating disorders

Taboo Topic: Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

Are you squirming in your seat just reading the title of this post? No matter. That's natural. Also, that's probably why the topic is still quite taboo and sits quietly under the radar. Other...