Getting our Marriage MoJo Back this Summer


As I laid on my toddler’s floor as he drifted into a dreaming wonderland, I delved into the first pages of my newest Magnolia Journal edition hardly able to contain my excitement. A raving Chip + Joanna Gaines fan, I couldn’t wait to have a few minutes of peace and quiet to read about their newest adventures in the print platform, including street taco recipes + preparation for baby #5 this summer! The first article that caught my eye, though was one that started with the sentence ‘Chip and I have a standing date night once a week’. Seriously?! If Chip + Joanna Gaines can manage getting away from four kids and a stressful-laden lifestyle once per week for ‘them’ time, why couldn’t we? As I got to thinking, my dates with my husband used to be plentiful and spontaneous. Mondays were always our ‘Kelly’ day. No matter what we had going on with work or other priorities, Mondays were always our day to grab dinner together, grab a movie or go for a walk in the park hand-in-hand. This, of course, was all pre-kids. After having kids, focusing on our marriage and our relationship has, quite honestly, unconsciously gone to the back-burner. But, realistically, going on date night once-per-month could (and should!) be a realistic goal. In the midst of raising kids, we owe it to ourselves to focus on our relationship with our significant others (with no distractions, no other couples, and definitely NO kids)!

So, I give to you a few summer date night ideas for you and your lover as motivation to snag a sitter and spend some ‘you’ time together, rekindling the moments that brought you together in the first place. Let’s get that mojo back up and running! I have vowed to my husband that we will make it a priority for June, July and August to get out of the house on a date at least once per month; and, there is no place better than Columbus to do it! Our other caveat? Date nights on a budget! Expecting baby #3 this fall, we have to be pretty savvy with our wallet. So, my ideas below also take that heavily in consideration. Perhaps if we get into a habit of booking a sitter once per month, the routine will continue and it will become a new happy + healthy habit!

Summer Date Night Ideas

1.) Do a local 5k or 10k race together! It’s fun and it’s healthy. There’s really no better time to have deep and meaningful conversations than when side-by-side exercising. Honestly! Here are some that we’ve done together in the past, and, in the summer, they are plentiful! There’s literally a race every weekend and most are $30 or less. 

Here are some we’re considering: 

2.) Snag tickets to the next Clipper’s Game. Bleacher seats are dirt cheap. Even better, just hang out upstairs and you can literally watch the game for free!

3.) Go to the local pool sans kids. Chances are you already have a membership if you are home with the kids this summer. Chances are you never have gone without the kids in tow. Here are some suggestions: Top Municipal Pools in Central Ohio

4.) Check out a wine tasting at Whole Foods. It’s $5 for 5 wine tastings every Friday from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. Heck, knock out some grocery shopping sans kids while you’re at it. Who thought grocery shopping without kids could be SO GLORIOUS and peaceful? 

5.) Take a stroll through the endless floors of old books and that wonderful old book smell at the Book Loft in German Village. I don’t know about you, but I could spend HOURS perusing this place. 

6.) Get artsy at the Columbus Museum of Arts. Sundays are FREE!

7.) Sit under the stars at Shakespeare In the Park. Plays are free + donations are accepted. Performances are Thursdays through Sundays at 8 p.m. at German Village’s Schiller Park. 

8.) Have a picnic at the park. Pack some cheese cubes + crackers. Heck, grab one of the kids lunchables out of the fridge and you’re all set!

9.) Get a CoGo and bike through the city! Day passes are only $8. 

10.) Go to a local farmer’s market and stash up on some local favorites. 

Do you have standing date nights with your significant other? What are your favorite hidden gems to visit in Columbus sans kids? How will you get your marriage MoJo back this summer?