20 Things to Remember About Your Two-Year-Old


I am Two!

  1. I know you think I’m REALLY wonderful and exciting and delightful to be around, except when I’m not.
  2. Sorry I bit you during my EPIC temper tantrum. Oh, and kicked you and hit you.
  3. You think I’m giving you a hard time, but I’m just having a tough time.
  4. Can you tell me how I’m feeling and cuddle with me? I’m still learning about my feelings and EVERYTHING.
  5. You know everything! Except when you don’t know that EVERYTHING is mine!
  6. It’s Mine is my favorite phrase. That cookie at the store, it’s mine. That toy, it’s mine. That swing that baby is using, it’s mine too.
  7. I am the BEST helper.
  8. Spilled milk, that was me. Too much soap and water on the sponge, ok that was me too. Cookie batter all over the walls and floor, well at least it tasted good!
  9. You didn’t cut my food into triangles!!!! Another EPIC temper tantrum.
  10. Don’t tell me to eat, sleep or stop playing again! My answer is NO! Affirmative!
  11. I love when you take me on walks.
  12. Wait there is a flower. Oh, a fire hydrant. Look! A bird in the tree. Can we just stop one more time to pick up another stick?
  13. Now I’m tired from walking and all this exploring. Can you please hold me, oh and my blue riding toy, too? Come on you have two arms.
  14. I promise there wasn’t a tornado in the playroom, I just like to dump ALL the toys ALL over the floor.
  15. You want me to stop playing, clean it up and go to the store, NO! Mommy do it.
  16. Another playdate and I have to share? Can I just play with you? You are my favorite friend, ever.
  17. I’m going to have a little brother or sister? My life is ending!
  18. You will still love me, cuddle with me, hold me and read me stories, right?
  19. I love my baby brother, but he tries to take all my toys and all your love, and I hate that!
  20. Please tell me lots and lots how much you love me! You are the best! And don’t forget wonderful, exciting and delightful, just like me.

How to help your child

  1. Being a special helper. Two-year-olds love to do things by themselves.
    • Get dressed, put on shoes, set the table, clear the table, help bake, dust, etc.
  2. Limit screens and Play. Get on the floor and play with your two-year-old. Keep play dates short, take nature walks, and go to playgrounds.
  3. Be Patient. Your two-year-old needs to explore the world on short walks, the playground, and the grocery store. She likes consistent routines and does well with encouraging words. Your two-year-old needs for you to be in control when he is completely out of control. Your two-year-old is doing the best he can so be patient even when he is not.
  4. Be Consistent. Did you buy your two-year-old a snack at the grocery store last time? She will ask for one again. Be consistent in your routine.
  5. Focus on what your child can do.
    • You can have a cookie after dinner” rather than, “Don’t ask me for a cookie.”
    • You may walk at the swimming pool” rather than “Stop running.”
    • Please hold my hand” rather than “Don’t run into the street.”
  6. Give reminders. Remind your two-year-old it’s not easy being two and all the wonderful things they are learning take a lot of work.
  7. Explore. Explore nature but stay close by or bring a stroller or wagon just in case your excited 2-year-old gets tired.
  8. Slow down and use words. Describe the world around and what you are doing. Slow down and recognize the pace of a two-year-old is much slower than our fast pace adult lives. At least every once in a while.
  9. Take good care of yourself. You are an amazing parent!

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Morgan Metcalf
Morgan Metcalf has lived in Ohio her entire life. She grew up near Cleveland where she met her husband who serenaded her with 1980s Power Ballads. Fortunately, her husband convinced her to move to Columbus 12 years ago. She is often found chasing after her two rambunctious boys and determined little girl at playgrounds, at home, the grocery store… you get the idea. Because she loves chasing, in her free time you can often find Morgan running or working out to keep up with her active children and then falling asleep reading parenting books. She is humbled every day by the lessons her three children teach her. Morgan is passionate about encouraging and empowering parents and teachers in Positive Discipline. It has changed her relationships with her children in a positive direction. She is a licensed school psychologist and a certified Positive Discipline Educator with The Power of Positive Solutions. She facilitates trainings and classes for parents, teachers, and administrators.