Let’s Make May “Treat Yourself” Month

A big thanks to our partners at Lucky Shoes for providing this great content.

As you know from experience, moms are keepers of their families calendar, providers of the childcare, performers of most household work, etc etc etc. We deserve more than one day to treat ourselves! So let’s make the whole month of May “Moms Treat Yourself” month!

Below are a few ideas on how to treat yourself for the rest of May:

  • Schedule a massage: According to the massage experts, research supports the health benefits of massage for stress, anxiety, lower back pain and many more. By giving yourself more time to relax, you are helping yourself to stay a calm, soothing healthier mother.
  • Schedule a manicure and/or pedicure- Same as with a massage, a mani or pedi can have great health benefits. They can improve blood circulation and mobility of your joints. So while you get to sit and relax during the mani and/or pedi, your body is repairing itself too.
  • Schedule a time to Exercise AND Socialize-We all know exercise helps to de-stress and makes you feel more energized. But motivating yourself to get out there can be more difficult, so scheduling a workout with a friend helps. This way you have committed to a time and place plus you can “catch up” while exercising. When someone is counting on you to be there, you are probably less likely to back out. This can be as easy as scheduling a walk around your neighborhood or going to a local park.
  • Stop to get the perfect cup of coffee: We all have our favorite coffee shop. Stop in and savor your cup of coffee (or tea). Moms are always running around doing things for their kids. Try to carve a few minutes for just yourself in the coffee shop and maybe read a book or magazine. Again another way to feel rejuvenated!
  • Go Shoe Shopping!  Shoe shopping is always a favorite type of shopping! It can be so much more relaxing and less stressful than clothes shopping! You don’t have to worry about trying on clothes in a dressing room or feeling bad about going up another size. Finding the perfect shoes (no matter the size) gives a boost of confidence that all moms need!

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So first go shopping for yourself. Remember, you’re supposed to be treating yourself! Lucky Shoes is offering you exclusive savings through May 27, 2018! See the coupon below. Then bring back you little ones another time and shop for them too!