A New Christmas Tradition


A New Christmas Tradition

Giving with Intention

Do your Christmas traditions consist of the stress of buying gifts, finding the best deals, and asking yourself if you have bought enough? Literally every year, I say I’m going to limit the number of gifts that I buy. While this may be true, the gifts seem to be more extravagant….like the trampoline I bought for my children last year! Need I say more? 


This year, I am excited to start a new Christmas family tradition of giving with intention. Christmas honors the birth of Jesus. I see no better way than honoring Jesus through spreading love, serving others and growing in wisdom as a family. 


Recently, as a family, we sat down and read “The Sparkle Box,” which you can read for free through the month of December! Read more about the Sparkle Box.

The sparkle box is in reference “to the light we all have inside of ourselves and the ability to make the world a brighter place,” says Jill Hardie, author of “The Sparkle Box.”

Here is How “The Sparkle Box” Works:

  1. As a family, agree upon three gifts that you will give in honor of Jesus’ birth.
  2. Write down on 3 strips of paper a description of each gift.
  3. Place the notes inside a gift bag or (sparkle) gift box.
  4. On Christmas morning before any of the other gifts are unwrapped, take a moment and read the notes of the gifts given by your family to honor Jesus and celebrate his birth.
  5. Take a moment to reflect or say a prayer.

Since I have three children, each of them chose a gift. Children are grateful, loving, and capable of giving so much. Gifts can include giving money or cards to a school in Africa, visiting a nursing home to sing holiday carols or paying it forward by buying a meal for a family at a restaurant.

Here is a list of gifts to honor Jesus that we decided as a family:

  1. Donating money to the World Wildlife Center.
  2. Donating toys to a little girl 3-5 years-old in need through the Salvation Army.
  3. Praying every night for people who are homeless that they may be safe, warm, and well fed.

I love this concept because I’m sure there are things we all do to donate our time and money around the holidays that maybe we don’t even recognize. You may already give money to the Salvation Army, participate in food drives, give presents to children in need, and donate gently used items to Good Will. Now it’s time to give this gift of giving to our children. 

And hey, if giving three gifts were good enough for Jesus, it is certainly good enough for my kids. Next year, it is my intention to start a family tradition of giving three gifts to my children as well. There are two examples and websites below that have helped me form these ideas. 

Examples 1: Three Gift Ideas for Children:

  1. Something they want.
  2. Something they need.
  3. Something to read.

Example 2: Three Gift Ideas for Children:

  1. “Gold” present- something your child would want and treasure.
  2. “Frankincense” present- a gift used in worship or spiritual life like a bible, journal, etc.
  3. “Myrrh”- something for the body like clothing, shoes, a costume.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Looking for more ideas on holiday traditions check out this post on Favorite Holiday Traditions.

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  1. Hi Morgan! Thank you for sharing The Sparkle Box with your readers!
    LOVE your ideas about three gifts for each child. So precious and meaningful! May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

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