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We are excited to welcome Clean Day Housekeeping as a new business to Columbus! We've partnered with them to share about a recent cleaning experience. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

I looked up “a clean house” in my mom dictionary today. I found no actual definition but the synonyms listed were “mythical unicorn” and “fake news”.

I GET IT. I am going to miss spraining my ankles on LOL Surprise Dolls miniature sunglasses, I don’t disagree. But I’m a mom of a 5 and 3 year old, I have a demanding full time job and I prioritize family time and a social life over plucking hardened Cheerios from under the kitchen island.  

It turns out there’s a new sheriff in town with a different approach to housekeeping – Clean Day Housekeeping. I say sheriff because I initially wondered if they could talk some sense into a 3 year old and the trail of empty pouches he leaves in the house. Turns out, that’s not in their job description, but what IS, is a more personalized approach to housekeeping. 

Clean Day HousekeepingClean Day Housekeeping was started by two sisters with an extensive background in cleaning and caring for their private client’s home. They know that much like my toddler’s eating habits, the needs of their clients change. They understand the importance of building an actual relationship with the people that are entering your most sacred space…your home.

I felt like a Powerball winner when I found out I was going to have the opportunity to work with this crew. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have had a team cleaning our house once a month since the kids were born, but, it’s a very transactional, impersonal situation. Once a month they text, confirm the day, they arrive….rinse and repeat.  

My experience with Clean Day Housekeeping started with a consultation. Jessie and Taylor came in and introduced themselves and after about 3 minutes it felt like I sat down with two friends. We talked about the SPECIFICS of our home such as, High traffic areas, where we spend most of our time, areas that need organization, where we eat and where we play. They asked questions about products we like to use for cleaning and got to understand us and not just our house, but how we live in it.  

cleaners for your houseThen, we did a walk through room to room. I showed them the shower in the basement no one uses…no need to spend time there. The area under the kitchen island where the hardened Cheerios go to die, I pointed that out. Cubbies, closets, the “do not open” doors, the well loved play areas, and “those” drawers. You know the drawers where you can find a pen, batteries, a sucker, 3 quarters, gift cards and a partridge in a pear tree.

We reconvened in the living room, at this point they had walked the house, asked all the right questions and I wondered if they had plans for Thanksgiving. Too soon? I don’t know, I felt like they knew me so well. We went over their policies and picked a day. We didn’t just pick a day, we picked a day exactly two days after about 80 people were at our house for a party. You may think I set them up for failure, I could tell after chatting with my new besties they were up for a challenge.

Cleaning company in ColumbusThe night before, Taylor checked in, confirmed the cleaning and let me know to reach out if I needed anything. With Clean Day Housekeeping you get an incredible person assigned to you like Taylor that is like the concierge of housekeeping. 

The next morning, my gal was right on time. She knocked on the door, introduced herself with a warm smile and got to work upstairs. At first I thought, “one person?”. It’s not like we live in a sprawling estate but can one person do it all? Will the attention to detail be lost? It felt like I set her up in a battle…one person vs. the 80 people at our house just two days ago. Music from Braveheart played in my head. Clean Day Housekeeping WON. She spent TIME at our home, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm and I felt like she put in the level of detail that she would if she lived here. All of the points I made in my consultation were covered and more. While my husband and I worked all day, the kids were in daycare and school, we had an incredible partner working behind the scenes.

When we arrived home, my focus was less on “what the heck is that on the floor” and more on quality time. I never want to look back on this season of life and think I spent more time cleaning when I could and SHOULD have been soaking in the beautiful chaos of 5 and 3. With my friends at Clean Day Housekeeping in my corner, that will never be the case.

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Kim is a mom of two living in Grandview with her husband, Doug. Georgia is almost four but going on 14, is a gymnastics obsessed, hula hooping, sweet girl who wants nothing more than to hug her little brother. Ford recently turned 1; while he walks around the house and daycare screaming “I love you,” he doesn’t love Georgia’s hugs quite yet. Kim grew up in a small town outside of Columbus, moved to Columbus to attend Ohio State and has been in the area ever since. Working in Medical Sales and as a Lead Trainer at System of Strength both in-studio and online, health and healthcare are a big passion of hers. Outside of work, she loves dining out at local restaurants, spending time at the park with her family and hanging out with her neighbors. She loves a good date night with her husband, a staycation in Columbus, or watching every episode of Dateline ever made. As a parent, the thoughts that most frequently cross her mind are “what just happened,” “what was that noise,” “what is that smell,” and “how did I get so lucky.” Kim is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of tacos, margaritas, pizza, cookies and red wine. (She said she likes health and balance, right?) Kim finds humor in the trenches of parenting, knowing that nothing lasts forever...the tough, seemingly endless phases. But also that nothing lasts forever...the sweet, baby and toddler time that seems to be moving in fast forward. Kim doesn’t have a poker face and is an open book. If you’d like to join her on her toddler oversharing adventures, you can find her at Kimberly.verhoff on Instagram.