Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as Spring Approaches


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as Spring Approaches









Many of us come barreling down the track in high gear with out new year’s resolution of healthier lifestyles- lose weight, tone up, exercise more, eat and drink less- and by March we have faded back into our old ways of convenience, the stress of motherhood, or not seeing the immediate results we expect. Leading a healthy lifestyle makes us better moms, wives, and friends. I am here to help give you a few tips so you aren’t part of the statistic, “70% of people who start a workout program, quit.”

5 Tips for Spring Fitness

  1. Set a goal
  2. Tell someone you goal and plan
  3. Meal plan
  4. Schedule exercise like you would an appointment
  5. Choose something you enjoy doing

Set a Goal

When you set a goal for yourself think about the following: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based (SMART goals). An example is, “My goal is to lose 6 lbs and feel strong by May 1.”

Tell someone your goal and plan

Accountability is huge with sticking with your goal and plan. Share your goal with your spouse and ask for their support in helping you achieve it. Invite them on your team and share with them why it is important to you. This may mean they are home 30 minutes earlier to play with the kids so you can workout or they give the kids a bath twice a week so you have the time you need. Ask your spouse to help with kitchen clean up or other tasks to free up time for you. It also helps to tell your co-workers, friends, and a health coach, if you have one, to help you stay on track. When co-workers are bringing pastries and other tempting items into the office this is a true test of your willpower and the more people you have shared your goals with, the easier it will be to refrain from temptation.

Meal plan

This one may be the most important tip to a healthy lifestyle, no matter the time of year. Taking a little bit of time each week to make a meal plan, grocery list, shop, and prep your meals is imperative to the health of yourself and family. For example, I sit down on Friday afternoon or early Saturday morning and look at the next week. I make note of appointments, kids’ practices or events, husband’s work engagements, and plan dinner accordingly. We typically have 4 nights a week planned and room for a spontaneous meal when needed. I love crock pot recipes and meals I can prep on Sunday and heat up during the week. On Sunday morning, I rise early to grocery shop solo, and come home to wash and cut veggies and fruits, brown meat, make salads and dressings. This part of the work my kids can help with and by involving them they are more adventurous and healthier eaters.

Schedule your Exercise

Just like you wouldn’t miss a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting, you don’t miss your workouts. If you are following an at-home program, tack the schedule up and cross out each day when you finish. Decide whether you are going to wake up 30 minutes earlier to fit it in before work, or you are going to get it done when you get home. If you are at home throughout the day a great time is during nap time or when your kids are playing. Many times I have jumped around my kids and have encouraged them to join in so I can be sure to accomplish my goal.

Choose something you enjoy

When winter is beginning to fade and warmer temperatures surface, it is in our nature to lace up our sneakers and hit the pavement. Running can be an excellent way to reach your fitness goals, but I will caution it as the sole form due to the high injury incidence. If you are set on running, start slowly and follow a plan like Couch to 5K or those from Another Mother Runner. Listen to your body and rest when needed. Cross training is a nice way to prevent injury as well. Adding resistance or weight training or stretching like yoga and Pilates, can strengthen your muscles and flexibility to protect your joints.

If you despise cardio workouts, don’t choose a boot camp style program. If you enjoy resistance training, pick up the weights. There are many options of home workouts that are convenient, especially for busy moms. Brisk walking is also a nice way to enjoy the spring weather. Add in some hills to get your heart rate up, strap the kids in the stroller, and ask a friend to join! If you need help choosing a workout program, guidance with nutrition, and the support and accountability, I am here to help!

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Liz Renneker
Liz Renneker is an active mom to three and wife to one. After hiking, camping, skiing, and growing a family in Colorado for the past ten years her family has relocated back to their roots in the Buckeye State. A nurse by trade and with over 11 years of pediatric oncology experience she has found a second passion in helping other busy moms get fit. As a virtual healthy lifestyle coach- and she specializes in creating positivity, self-love, health and balance in the busy mom life. The right fitness program, nutrition plan, and support go a long way to obtain that balance and achievement. During the school year you can find Liz volunteering at the elementary school, exploring museums and parks with her youngest, transporting and cheering for the three at swim meets, soccer and basketball games, rock climbing lessons, piano and theatrical performances. She has been known to sneak in a triathlon here and there in addition to her early morning workout sessions. School breaks and summer are her favorite times of the year when she can explore and adventure with all three children and her hubby!