10 Parks to Check Out this Spring


Spring is in the air in Columbus. I Hope everyone is recovering from those February blues. As a mom of some very active two-year-old twin girls, I like to adventure out of the house to run off some energy. I wanted to share my 10 favorite parks in the Columbus area. I’m here to give you the “Run Down” on these outdoor spaces. Enjoy!

10 Great Playgrounds Around Columbus

  1. Fancyburg Park  (Upper Arlington)

    • Address: 3375 Kioka Ave/Upper Arlington/OH 43221
    • Link: Fancyburg Park
    • Stats: 2 play structures (one for 2-5 year old, one for 5 and up), two baby swings, mulch free, handicap accessible,  toilets available.
    • The Run Down: Fancyburg is a park for kids of varying ages. It has a decent amount of sun coverage for those warmer days. You can easily stand between both play-areas and watch a 2-year-old and a 6-year-old playing on two different areas at the same time (#winner). The play structures are set off the street and the park is located in a nice residential area. There is ample parking. Do bring a stroller if you need to wrangle multiple little ones for you have to walk a little way down a path to get to the play structure. Great place to meet for play dates!
  2. Homestead (Hilliard)

    • Address: 4675 Cosgray Road/Hilliard/OH 43026
    • Link: Homestead
    • Stats:  Homestead has several walking paths, a pond, and multiple shelters for parties. There are 2 play structures (one is for smaller children 2-5, one is for the older kids). There are 4 infant swings. The park has ample parking and toilets are available.
    • The Run Down: Homestead is a BEAUTIFUL park located on the west side of Hilliard. Drive into the park and follow the road until you see a white barn shelter (I recommend parking near this area). Take a walk to the 2 play areas. You can also access the path to the pond from here. There is a lot of natural landscaping and great places for your older ones to explore. They can explore, walk the paths to the pond, feed the ducks, and play on the 2 play structures.Columbus Parks
  3. Miller Park (Upper Arlington)

    • Address: 1903 Upper Arlington Ave/ Upper Arlington/OH 43221
    • Link: Miller Park
    • Stats: 2 play structures for ages 2-5 and 5 and older, 2 infant swings and a tire swing. Natural landscaping with a stream and wooded area with good shade coverage.  Toilets are nearby in the library. There is a small parking lot at the library or you can street park.
    • The Run Down: This is a little park but such a gem in Upper Arlington. It is located right next to the Miller Park Library. It is very well shaded and has 2 play structures that you can easily watch older kids and younger kids playing simultaneously. My favorite thing about this park is the creek that runs below the play areas. Older kids will LOVE running around the wooded area and playing in the tiny stream. There is a large greens space too for dogs if you like to bring your pooch. This park is little, but not very crowded, and is a great place to hit up after story time at the library.Upper Arlington Spotlight Miller Park Playground
  4. Gantz Park (Grove City)

    • Address: 2255 Home Road /Grove City, OH/43123
    • Link: Gantz Park
    • Stats: 1 play structure for 2-5-year-olds, infant swings, fenced in (almost fully), large picnic shelter, walking trails, ample parking.
    • The Run Down: A wonderful park for toddlers. This park is almost all fenced in. The fence definitely helps with containment for those little humans who like freedom runs. The parking lot is literally next to the play structure so it is easy to get to the park. There is a large picnic eating area that is shaded right next to the play structure. Bring a stroller if you like to hop on the trail next to the play space and go on a walk around the grounds. There is a preschool at the barn right next to the play area (the children use this as the playground). The parking lot can get crowded around 11:30-12:00 at the time of pick-up.playground in Grove City
  5. Schiller Park (German Village)

    • Address: 1069 Jaeger St/Columbus/ OH 43206
    • Link: Schiller Park
    • Stats: 2 play-structures for the 2-5-year-old and 5 and up age range, fenced (almost fully), great shade coverage, and access to a parking lot.
    • The Run Down: Schiller Park is a wonderful park for those hotter days it has great shade coverage. The two play structures are next to each other for easy viewing of both age ranges. You can park at the recreation center and walk to the swings and play area. It is a little bit of a walk to the play area so do bring a stroller. There is the option of street parking right next to the play area. Do take a stroll on the walking trail to the beautiful pond. We love to come to visit this park on the weekends and take a nice walk outside. This is the second oldest park in Columbus so it has a lot of history to it!
  6. Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park (Galloway)

    • Address: 1775 Darby Creek Dr /Galloway/OH 43119
    • Link: Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park
    • Stats: Play structure, walking trails, indoor nature center, and bison (yes, I said bison).
    • The Run Down: This is a wonderful metro park. There are two entrances to the park. The first entrance will take you into the parking area for the visitor center and the bison viewing area. The nature center is FREE and is so pretty. It has a man-made creek that runs through the entire center with fish and turtles for the little ones to view. There is a large room in the back of the center that has a huge magnetic board and some information about the surrounding area. There is also a little area with children books and puppets. There is a lot to keep the little ones entertained. If you want to find the play structures, you will have to drive to the second entrance. It is a small play area with good shade coverage. During the nicer months, you can hop on the trail by the play structure and walk to the bison viewing areas.

      Battelle Darby Creek
      Nature Center at Battelle Darby Creek
  7. Emerald Fields Park (Dublin)

    • Address:4040 Wyandotte Woods Blvd/Dublin/ OH 43016
    • Link: Emerald Fields Park
    • Stats: Large play structure, swings (along with 2 special needs swings), mulch free, ample parking.
    • The Run Down: Emerald Fields is a large park that is completely mulch free (less mess after rainy days). It is also designed for children with special needs. There are 2 special needs swings and 2 infant swings. The play-structure is very large. I think the structure is very suitable for the 3-year-old. There is also a fun structure that plays music, lights up and has buttons to push. You can find this right when you enter the park. My kids absolutely love this playground! There is not much shade at this park. I recommend visiting this park on cooler days or later in the day. It’s a great park in Dublin!

      playground in Dublin
      Emerald Fields
  8. Whetstone Park (Clintonville)

    • Address: 3923 N. High St/Columbus/ OH 43214
    • Link: Whetstone Park
    • Stats: Play structure, walking trails, bathrooms in the recreation center, shade.
    • The Run Down: Wheatstone Park is located right off High Street. The area contains a very large recreation center, a large play structure, open field space, basketball courts, baseball field. The play structure is located right next to the recreation center and is easy access from the parking lot. You can walk into the recreation center for bathroom access. I also recommend jumping in your car and driving down the street from the recreation center and enter into the Park of Roses. It is a park that is contained within Wheatstone Park. It is a 13-acre rose park! This area is a wonderful photo opportunity spot!
  9. High Banks Metro Park (Lewis Center)

    • Address: 9466 Columbus Pike (US Rt 23 N)/Lewis Center/OH
    • Link: High Banks Metro Park
    • Stats: walking trails, dog-friendly, play structures, nature center, good shade coverage, lots of parking.
    • The Run Down: This a huge beautiful metro park located in Lewis Center. Due to the fact that it is such a big park, I linked the park map. There is a nice size play-structure for children 2-5 years old with parking right nearby. You can also hit the trails and take a nice walk with the kids or a bike ride. It has good shade coverage and great open space for play. There is a nice trail to an amazing overlook area that views the Olentangy River. This is a park that you can visit over the weekend and easily spend an entire morning or afternoon exploring. Make sure to check out the nature center and take a good look at the map to plan your visit.

      High Banks Metro Park
      Nature Center
  10.  Pierce Field (Grandview Heights)

    • Address: 1199 Hilo Ln/Grandview Heights/OH/43212
    • Link: Pierce Field
    • Stats: two play structures, special needs accessible, 2 infant swings, mulch free, tennis court, ball diamond.
    • Pierce Field is located on the corner of 1st and Northwest Blvd. There is no parking lot so you have to find street parking. Right across the street are some Grandview Heights business and a coffee shop. You can grab some coffee then walk across the street to the park. The park is also the playground for the elementary school. This a public park so you may use it during school hours. It is a quaint little park nestled in Grandview. This is one we visit very often during the warmer months.

So there you have it! The 10 parks to check out in Columbus this spring! Hope to see you there! I’ll be the mom with the two busy girls and coffee that has been rewarmed 3 times. See you in the trenches.

If you are looking for additional playground recommendations and pictures, check out the Playground Finder in the Columbus Mom Directory.

Until next time…..

Cat I.


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