Not Just Beginners and Babies: Advanced Swimmers at Goldfish Swim School


    Thanks to our friends at Goldfish Swim School-DublinGoldfish Swim School-Westerville, and Goldfish Swim School-Lewis Center for sponsoring this post and providing an opportunity for such a great way to learn to swim. The opinions that follow are solely those of the author.

    When we think about swim lessons these days, most of us are concerned with our youngest swimmers, the infants putting their heads under for the first time or the preschoolers learning their swim safety. Goldfish does an amazing job with early swimmers. We’ve been at Goldfish for two-and-a-half years, and we have two safe, confident swimmers as a result.

    But Goldfish is more than just beginners and babies. Goldfish provides an amazing challenge and great support for advanced swimmers.

    Our son began as a three-year-old when we first started swimming at Goldfish. He’s six now, and he’s learning as a Pro 2, the last level before swim team. I am impressed every week as his instructors push and coach him on real swim strokes. 

    He is challenged to swim several freestyle laps, and he gets closer and closer to a perfect breaststroke. Backstroke is his favorite. He zips across the pool, slicing through the water with a smile on his face.

    The instructors piece together each stroke, providing him with exactly what he needs at just the right time. Whether he’s working on a dolphin kick or pushing off the wall to swim underwater with flippers, he loves the challenge he is given as a Pro 2. 

    While it’s important to nurture our youngest in the pool, don’t forget about our accomplished swimmers! With summer behind us, it’s the perfect time to help your advanced swimmer hone skills and prepare for next year’s swim team. Goldfish instructors are fun and knowledgeable. They’re ready to guide your advanced swimmer towards excellence!