Three Reasons Having Twins Rocks



It didn’t really dawn on me that I was having twins until my baby shower when my mom asked me to pose for a picture holding up both car seats.  Shocked by the weight of the then still empty car seats,  I felt my stomach lurch and I wondered if I had bit off more than I could chew.  Unable to travel back six months in time and tell the embryologist to put one back in the freezer, I took a deep breath and tried to prepare myself for the chaos that my life was about to become.  Any twin mom could have told me that was an impossible task as the only training for twin mothering occurs on the job.

Having twins sucks a lot of the time.  Especially during the first 2 years.  But if you are reading this during that awful time, take heart.  It’s not all bad.  Here are some reasons why having twins can be kind of awesome.

Kindness of Strangers

I don’t think I’ve opened a door for myself since I started really showing with my twins.  When people saw me out lugging those incredibly heavy car seats, they were falling over themselves to help. Whether its extra snacks when dining out or a stranger to hold a baby on an airplane while placing your bags overhead, these guardian angels just seem to materialize.  My advice is to take the help!  Don’t be embarrassed, shy or stubborn and let the guy carry your bags out to the car for you.  It takes a village.

Ever Present Playdate

It happens more and more as the weeks pass on.  My kids, now almost three, can often be left alone in their playroom and just play with each other.  Their little imaginations run wild together, creating and acting out scenarios that I’ll never understand.  While I do have to referee the frequent fights that occur, I rarely have to entertain my kids the way that my singleton parent friends do.  Plus, when we added our third this past May, I was spared the guilt that many mothers feel about having to share their love with a new baby.  My kids were already used to being part of a larger family.

Supermom Status

It’s amazing how quickly you learn how to do it all.  What your feet can do when your hands are full, how to get both latched on at the same time (boob or bottle – both take skill), who to pick up first and what you just can’t do alone.  You’ll see twice the snotty noses, fevers, head bumps, burps, and eventually, gain a confidence that will enable you to make the necessary decisions and calls for your kids.  This knowledge will enable you to nurture your twins, subsequent children, nieces, nephews, godchildren and grandchildren with a steady hand and a sure heart.  I have found that my experience has also empowered me in my personal life, allowing me to challenge myself to take on new tasks that once seemed impossible.  The minute you pick up both babies and hold them to your chest, you become a SuperMom, with all the blessings and love that status confers. 

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Andrea is a recent transplant to the Columbus area, having now lived in almost all of the Midwestern states. After graduating from Michigan Law School, Andrea enjoyed a challenging nine year stint as a commercial litigator in Chicago and Minneapolis. Andrea and her husband relocated to New Albany last June. She is currently retired from Big Law and is constantly surrounded by her insanely busy 2.5 year old boy/girl twins and her uncannily unflappable 3 month old son. Andrea strives to be a SAHM that rarely stays at home and enjoys finding new spaces to take her three children. She is committed to supporting women who are battling infertility and a passionate advocate for breastfeeding and VBAC. She is a voracious consumer of literature, wine and reality television. Andrea is active in the fitness community and enjoys CrossFit, running and yoga. Andrea dislikes housework, spicy foods, slow drivers, and the beach. During nap time, Andrea blogs at The Best Kind of Crazy. You can find her on Instagram at @andy71781


  1. I have to give you (and all other twin moms) some major props! I can barely handle my one most days and to think about having two of her running around seems utterly unimaginable! You are totally a super mom ๐Ÿ™‚

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