If You Give a Toddler a Mouth Full of Teeth: A Mom Poem


A New Habit: Biting

A few months ago … my youngest started a new habit that I was mortified about … biting. It’s a habit my oldest never developed, and I wasn’t quite sure how to handle our own baby shark when she decided to use her teeth to bite other kids. The one thing I was afraid to do was talk about it … which ended up being exactly what I needed.

When kids get teeth and bite
               Careful! I may bite by accident!                                                       

Now that this phase is over, we can all laugh about it in the form of a poem.

If You Give a Toddler A Mouth Full of Teeth

If you give a toddler teeth ….

they’re going to bite their friends

And once they bite their friends

you’ll probably get a note from school

Once you’ve finished explaining it’s never happened before …

your toddler will probably bite their friends again

And when you receive your THIRD note from school

you’ll probably get a disapproving look from some of the other classroom moms

And you might start pulling your hair out

So, you’ll probably try to negotiate with the  toddler

So, when they retaliate by biting you

You’ll probably be ready to bite them back 

But, instead, you take to the internet

Which proves to be no help

And when you tell your friends

They get so excited and start to share their own kid biting stories

And the next time you get a note at school that your kid was bitten

You offer to buy the mom a glass of wine