Tara Parsell

Tara is a mom of an almost five-year-old and headstrong two-year-old. Life is never boring for this full-time working mom, New York-transplant, and aspiring storyteller. Moving to Columbus over five years ago, Tara spends her free time trying not to kill her garden, indoctrinating her kids in N'Sync and yelling at her Alexa to turn on the lights.
eating ice cream

Kid AND Adult Friendly Desserts for the Holidays (A La Mode)

It’s that time of year. Time to dig out your favorite fancy dessert recipes, slave away in the kitchen making a beautiful dessert for a family dinner, only to have your kids take one...

Boys Will Be … Amazon Warrior Princesses (Halloween Costume Edition)

August of 2019, my four-year-old son came running up to me and my husband with his Halloween costume idea. I’ll admit, I kind of smirked. What four-year-old doesn’t change his mind about his costume...

5 TikTok Moms to Follow

Like an estimated 500 million other people, I downloaded TikTok during quarantine. I decided to use the free time that I definitely did have (while having a 5-year-old and 2-year-old at home 24/7 and...

Last Spring Wasn’t Homeschooling…It Was School Surviving

I Have a Rant Today. Over the past four months, I’ve seen a (welcome) uptick in the number of parents exploring homeschooling thanks to the pandemic. To some extent, I get it too. In the twelve...

4 Reading Programs in Central Ohio to Encourage Kids to Read

I love reading. My husband loves reading. I love spending time around books at the library and Barnes and Noble. As a kid, I remember being a part of different reading programs. Now that...

If You Give a Toddler a Mouth Full of Teeth: A Mom Poem

A New Habit: Biting A few months ago ... my youngest started a new habit that I was mortified about ... biting. It's a habit my oldest never developed, and I wasn't quite sure how...
crafts at local businesses in Columbus

Curing Winter Blues: Finding Free Activities at Local Stores

With the festivities of the holidays over, we’re starting to look into the future of months of cold weather. Having a four-year-old and a two-year-old, I dread this time of year. The kids are...
pumping guide

Survival Guide: Pumping at Work

Despite supportive workplaces, laws keeping pumping moms out of bathrooms, and the most work-friendly accessories available, returning to work as a new mom can be a struggle for new moms navigating “the pump.” Pumping at...

It’s Not about Network Anymore … Fall TV Shows to Check Out

It’s that time of year again … when fall TV shows drop. Before I was a mom, I would spend the summers anxiously pouring over TV listings and figuring out exactly how many new shows...
Columbus breweries for families

4 Best Kid-Friendly Breweries in Columbus

  When my husband and I first moved to Columbus, I worked from home most of the time -- which means, I had few opportunities to actually explore Columbus.  Then, the Columbus Ale Trail was introduced.  It...