Moving is stressful. 5 tips to destress your friend during her move.


I just moved to a new home. It was one of the most mentally draining experiences ever. Packing, sorting, saving, purging, cleaning. Then the unpacking, organizing, decorating. If I never see another cardboard box it will be too soon! There were moments I didn’t think I was going to make to bedtime, mine or the kids. I’m not sure if it was the absolutely exhausted appearance that I was giving off or the day I forgot to feed my kids breakfast before our stroller workout because we were in the between-houses-phase, so both fridges were empty, but some how my friends knew I needed help. After a few extremely helpful things were done for me I made a list of 5 things to help your friend get through a move.

5 Ways To Help Your Friend Through a Move:

  1. Cook them a meal. But don’t ask if you can, just show up with food in hand. Don’t give them an opportunity to deny the gesture. Make sure the meal is in a disposable container so they don’t have to worry about returning your dish.
  2. Get their children and/or pets out of their hair for a few hours. Take the kids to your home, or a park, or lunch, ANYWHERE but the old house or the new house.
  3. Most thoughtful gift ever: a personalized return address label stamp with their new address! One less thing they have to worry about purchasing and it’s perfect for thank you notes they’ll write to the friends who do ideas #1 and #2.
  4. Volunteer your husband to help theirs with any and everything that’s left to do after the movers leave. It’s a win-win. You get out of manual labor AND you get to hang out with your friend while you watch men lift stuff.
  5. Be patient with them. They WILL invite you over eventually.

Moving is like being on an emotional roller coaster for weeks, sometimes even months. Use these tips to be there for a friend in a very non-stressful way. Also one more tip, when your friend does call and finally invites you over, bring alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. And if she happens to be pregnant during this said move, bring chocolate instead.

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