5 Tips to Help Moms Enjoy a Worry Free Summer Outing


Summer means life outside for many families. The children are out of school, the sun is out in full and the pools are open to enjoy. Summer outdoor activities make the best family memories for children and adults alike. However, for many moms summer can also be a challenging time. For many of us, this season can be the busiest time of the year. Planning all these fun activities and taking care of the full household can leave moms feeling overwhelmed and less likely to let loose like the rest of the family. I have had a few times where during a family outing I found myself planning tonight’s dinner or doing grocery shopping at poolside. Everyone agrees that mommying is a full-time job with no holidays or vacation. This time around though, I made it my goal at the start of summer that I was going to be present and to make these memories alongside my family. This doesn’t mean that my long to do list is all done, I just use these few summer tips that allow me to be out in summer mind, body and worry free! 

Summer Tips

Planning Ahead Goes a Long Way 

I am the planning queen for my family! I am one of those type A moms with pads and pencils planning to the last detail. No matter how close the outing is, I have learned that with two kids under three you can never plan enough for any trip. I like to plan my days out fully. Plan lunch, snacks and nap schedule. I even plan for a smooth return home, I realized that when I make sure that dinner for the evening is taken care of before I leave, I usually have peace of mind and can focus more on enjoying my summer family outing. 

Research the Location 

Whether it is an outing to the nearest park or a couple of hours road trip, it is always a great idea to research the location. When out in public with the kids, things like bathroom location, lunch tables and shaded areas mean a lot. I like to look up the place in advance to get a better image of what to expect and use that information when packing for the trip. 

Always Pack Smart 

Speaking of packing for a family outing with the kids, I would suggest starting early and packing according to the weather. Put snacks and water at an easy to reach place, I guarantee you, someone will ask for it before you buckle up for the road. As a mom, I find myself carrying what feels like a suitcase every second I step out with the kids. Gone are the days where I used to grab my purse by the door and have everything I need for a sleepover! 

Unplug When You Arrive 

I know it can be tempting to want to capture every moment of family time but it is important for us moms to unplug and just be present. One of the bad habits that I have been working so hard to kick is scrolling through my phone as a form of relaxation. If you are anything like me, what starts as a mindless scrolling through my phone ends up in a weekly meal planning and grocery list making, and before I know it I am working on projects saved on my to do lists. My mind tends to wander back into work/ mommy planning mode even when I am laying poolside. Making sure to tuck that electronic device away frees my hands and mind to be in the moment is one of my best summer tips. 

Join in on the FUN 

Moms deserve some fun too. Many of the memories children hold onto the most are the ones they did things with their parents. Mom, after you fed the kids, dressed them, planned the trip and most likely drove them to that fun location, nothing beats sharing the fun with your family. Jump in the water too, play in the sand alongside your little ones and enjoy a giggle or two. I have noticed that when I fully let loose and enjoy an outing, I come back more rejuvenated and happier. I can look back at the day with a smile at the corner of my lips. Enjoying a worry-free summer day out with family is a treat that every hardworking mom deserves! 

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About Guest Writer Denise Ingabire-Smith

Denise was born and raised in Rwanda, she immigrated to the US in 2007 and settled in Columbus. She attended THE Ohio State University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and a Master’s degree in Public Health Epidemiology. GO BUCKS! She fell in love with Columbus, its people, culture and even the crazy weather. She now lives in Groveport with her husband Joseph, her super active toddler Zelda and her very cuddly nine-month-old baby Jasper, and three fur babies. After having children, Denise swiped her microscope from her job as a clinical lab scientist to a laptop as a work at home mom. She is a writer specializing in simplifying medical and health information and the face behind myowntotell.com, where she writes passionately about women’s health, motherhood and lifestyle. She is also establishing her new business as a public health consultant. She loves spending time with her little family, exploring all the hidden hubs of this beautiful state of Ohio, and trying out new foods.