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sexual abuse in marriage

I’ll Say It If Nobody Else Does— Sexual Abuse in Marriage

I was reading an article written by another blogger on a mom’s blog in a different city. She described her experience of being sexually assaulted by someone out in the community (a massage therapist)...

A Good-Bye Letter to the Man I Thought I Married

In my heart, there exists a man who I can't let go of. I now recognize that this man that I married, I had created and told myself was real is a reflection of...

I Didn’t Know Divorce Was Going to Be This Hard

I’ve heard of family members and friends getting divorced and it always used to seem like a routine kind of thing. “Oops, well, half of all marriages end in divorce.” No big deal, right?...
telling children about a divorce

Dear Babies, I’m Sorry We’re Getting a Divorce

Dear Babies, I’m so sorry that we are getting a divorce. I never wanted this to happen. I never thought this could happen. Years ago, I fully intended to raise you in a loving, two-parent...

True Confessions of a Baby

Hello. I am a baby. You are not a baby, so you do not know how difficult it is to be a baby. I will educate you in this blog entry so that all...

Why My Family is Creating a Thankful Tree This Thanksgiving

Now more than ever, we need to focus on the positives in our lives. Since March of 2020, families worldwide, like mine, have faced more challenges and changes than many thought possible. My family...
cheating husband

Why Didn’t You Just Leave Before You Cheated?

Why didn't you just leave before you cheated? What if you had said, "This isn't satisfying for me anymore." You said you had felt like this for years. Clearly it was even before we...
family of three

From The Diary of a Super Tired Dad

I had a ton of fears about becoming a new tired Dad. Anxieties over the unknown, countless nights I lay awake thinking about the impending sleepless nights years and what strain it might have...

Come Fly with Me: Tips for Flying During a Pandemic

When I used to watch the Rick Steve’s travel videos, the first thing he said during his Tips for Traveling with Kids video was, “Tip number 1: Leave the kids at home with Grandma...
dreams of being a cool mom

Cool Mom Wannabe

I consider myself new to this “Mommy Chapter” in the book of life. I had always wanted to be a mom. I had as many baby dolls as my bedroom could hold, I had...