Helen Bosacki

Helen is a mother of three under three! From Chicago, to Milwaukee, and now Columbus, she is super excited to share the madness and excitement of cavorting around this new city with her tots. As a laboratory scientist during the week, this mom lives for the weekend so she can explore this wonderful city with her littles. When she finds a few moments of peace post bedtime she enjoys Netflix series binging (mainly horror movies), curbing Etsy shopping urges, and posting on her personal blog Diaper Bag Diaries. Peek into our Columbus adventures by following along on instagram @thediaperbagdiaries

Quick & Easy Preschool Snacks

Do you dread your appointed snack day? The day you have to provide the snack for your child's whole preschool, kindergarten, or elementary class? I always want to do something fun and cute, (darn...
Dublin Ohio St. Patrick's Day

5 Family-Friendly Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Dublin!

As a parent, you may think that your days of celebrating St. Patrick's Day are over. After all, is it worth getting a babysitter so that you can go drink green beer at the...

Broken New Year Resolutions: In One “Year” and Out The Other

By the time you are reading this you will likely have made, and then broken, a number of New Year resolutions. That new gym membership? Diet? Pantry organization? Financial plan? Why do we set...

Letting Go of the Baby Clothes

Ever since my first pregnancy, I have completely immersed myself in the joy of shopping for my littles. With every growth spurt and change in season, I have relished in the opportunity to style these...

Celebrating the REAL Santa Claus

Some of you readers may or may not know this, but in some countries there is a gift giving holiday that is actually bigger than Christmas! In countries such as Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and the Netherlands,...

From The Orchard To Kitchen: Top Apple Recipes

So you've combed the orchard with your tots (leaving countless cores in your wake), and now you are left with all of these bags of apples! What's next you ask? Here are some of...

Top Columbus Locations for Fall Family Portraits!

It's here! The most wonderful time of year! No, not Christmas. It's fall family portrait season!!! Maybe I am alone in this but fall is my favorite time to get the family together and...

Potty Training Dont’s!

1. The Naked Weekend "Let your toddler spend the weekend naked," the experts say. Well folks, get the tarp and the galoshes out because you are going to be wading through one heck of a...

Musical Performances For The Whole Family!

Do you know that music can make your children smarter?! Well, maybe it's not that straightforward. But studies have definitely shown that infusing music into a child's life can benefit them in so many ways! Education,...

Nanny vs. Daycare: Why We Chose A Nanny

Yes, we have a nanny. No, we are not rich. The word tends to elicit ideas of celebrities pawning their children off, but completely average people have nannies too! And I'm sure different people...