Kristen Scharf

Kristen Scharf
Kristen Scharf is originally from Dayton and attended the University of Dayton for her Bachelor's and Master's degrees (Go Flyers!). She came to Columbus after she got married in 2015. As a native Daytonian, her inspiration for writing for the Columbus Moms Blog comes from Erma Bombeck. She is a licensed school counselor and Certified Orton-Gillingham Practitioner (CALP) who is currently at home with her toddler and doing literacy tutoring in the evenings. She is proud to be an Army wife. She enjoys taking her family out around Columbus so her daughter can play with eating utensils in the wild and eat all the varieties of mac n cheese in Columbus. Her current Mom Fantasy is for her daughter to consistently call her "Mama" instead of "Elmo" or "Dada".

Second-Guessing Everything During a Global Pandemic

When I became a parent, I felt it was my solemn duty to protect my children at any cost. If something bad happened, I felt it was at least partially my fault, no matter...
body image

Looking at My Body Through My Daughter’s Eyes

“Where’s the baby?” my daughter said in her own toddler way, trying to lift up my shirt to “see the baby”. She means seeing my bump, which has been getting super huge in the...

Giving Birth in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

"You're having the baby in July? I'm sure by then, things will be normal," said an acquaintance of mine in March. Prior to the time of the stay at home order, it seemed like...

Round Two of Gestational Diabetes

At week 28 of pregnancy, I took the one-hour test for gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. I had taken the test at 16 weeks and passed it during that time. I somewhat expected...
pregnant during Covid-19

Dear Baby About to Be Born in a Global Crisis Situation, I’m Here for...

Dear Baby #2, I’m sorry that we haven’t had as much time for you lately. Since you’re still on the inside and haven’t been born yet, sometimes it’s easy for other people to forget about...
baby # 2

I Don’t Know You Yet Baby, But I Love You

Dear Baby #2, I’m happy to call you my little “Birthday Baby” because your due date is exactly nine months after my birthday. I’m not sure about the science on that, but I can be...
Blood Sugar

What If I Have Gestational Diabetes Again with Baby #2?

“We’ll test you again for gestational diabetes this time at about 16 weeks so fingers crossed you won’t have it again and then we won’t re-test until 26 weeks,” said my midwife. With my...
When things are out of control

What I Do When Everything Feels Out of Control

I haven’t experienced anything like this national period of concern before. It really snuck up on me, though some people said they heard about it in the news and saw it coming. I hope...
walking milestone

When Your Baby Isn’t “On Target”

My daughter has always been super mobile, even in the womb! I remember her as a fetus flipping around frequently and jovially jiggling all day, resisting seat belts and making it difficult to move...

Does My Choice To Breastfeed Bother You?

The Hope to Breastfeed "I hope I can breastfeed with this pregnancy but I’m not sure. I think people are pretty tolerant about it nowadays, right?” My friend recently asked me this question and for advice...