Kristin was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Her previous job titles include Theatre Production Manager and Lead Teacher in the Toddler Room before the birth of her daughter transitioned her into the title of Stay At Home Mom. Kristin, her husband Tim, and their daughter Adelyn relocated here from Chicago in September 2016 with their assorted animals. Neither Kristin nor her husband had ever permanently lived anywhere besides the towns they grew up in. Moving their little family two states away from any kind of support system was scary and exciting! Columbus and its people welcomed them with open arms, and they absolutely love living here. Kristin likes to read, eat, drink loads of coffee, explore her new city and state, exercise, and work on renovating her house with her husband. Kristin is happy to be a member of the Gahanna Mom's Network and a part of the Columbus Mom's Blog team!
Homeschool with Ice Cream

I Scream, You Scream, We Homeschool with Hudsonville Ice Cream!

If you have kids, it doesn’t matter what your job title is or was before the coronavirus hit. You’re probably finding yourself stepping into the role of teacher and homeschooling to some degree. Some...

Parenting “Fails”

We’ve all been there. You swore up and down you’d never let your kids watch more than an hour of TV a day and here they are, watching God knows how many episodes of...

A Thank You Note to Kindness

My family and I have been on the receiving end of a lot of kindness this past year. From large gestures of service that helped us get through losses, to small random acts that...

“Baby’s 1st” Hosting for the Holidays

For the first year after moving from Chicago, my husband Tim, our daughter, our fur-baby dog, and I traveled back and forth for most holidays, major birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. I looked back at...

National Ohio Day

Ohio aka The Buckeye State, The Birthplace of Aviation, The Heart of it All. If you’d asked me about Ohio before we moved here, I’d have told you it was a state you drove...
dentist office

North Orange Family Dentistry: A Five-Star Experience

Located in their newly built offices at 7325 Gooding Blvd in Delaware, North Orange Family Dentistry is now open Monday through Friday and every second Saturday of the month. Whether you’re in the care...

National Coffee Day

I adore coffee. Me and caffeine were meant to bean. You cannot expect a latte out of me before my first cup. Personally, I celebrate coffee daily. Nationally, coffee is commemorated on September 29th....

The Pressure Cooker of Potty Training

Potty Training Pressure I recently had a night out with some girlfriends. The topic of conversation turned, as it inevitably does at some point, to our kiddos. This particular discussion was about potty training. Someone...
time with grandparents

“Grandparents Camp”

Since moving away from our immediate family three years ago, visits are precious and far fewer than when we lived less than an hour away from everyone. Finding time to travel or time to...

The “Five W’s” for Tree of Life Play + Cafe

Tree of Life Play + Cafe Who? The Tree of Life Play + Cafe is an indoor/outdoor space with multiple play areas for children ages 5 and under. It’s also a fast-casual type of cafe/restaurant that...