Melissa is a Central Ohio native who’s been living in Columbus for the past decade. After graduating from Miami University and living in Boston for a few years, she’s happy to call the capital city of Columbus her home. Melissa’s currently a stay at home mom to Emily and Thomas who are four and one year old. When Melissa’s not chasing around her kids and changing diapers, she loves to cook, decorate her home, try out local restaurants, read a good book and those first sips of her morning coffee! She's recently hopped on the decluttering bandwagon and is sharing her journey on her insta-blog at
Make holidays more stress-free with these ideas

20 Ways to have a Stress-Free Holiday

While everyone seems to talk about "holiday magic" it's no secret the holidays can be a stressful time too. It's understandable when you consider there are often gifts to think of and buy, fancy...
favorite finds at Trader Joes

What I Buy at Trader Joe’s

I don't know about you, but dinnertime at our home can be stressful. Sometimes I forgot to defrost something. Sometimes I forgot we didn't have an ingredient I need and some nights (okay, a lot...

Easy Low Sugar Meal Ideas

A while ago I wrote a post about trying to reduce the amount of added sugar my family eats. If you're not accustomed to this way of eating, it can be a little tricky...

An Ice Cream Play Date with Hudsonville

Summer may be coming to an end, but that's no reason to stop enjoying your favorite warm weather treat - ice cream! In order to savor those last warm days of the season, I decided...

How to Add Veggies to Every Meal

Getting kids to eat their vegetables isn't always easy! I'm pretty lucky that my daughter will usually eat them, but it's always nice to try to change up the way I serve them or find new...
books on motherhood

Mommy Must Reads

I know free time, especially time to read, is probably in short supply for you these days. If and when there is time to spare, it always feels like there are a million and...

How to Make Nice Cream

What's your favorite summer treat? Mine happens to be ice cream!   While I'd love to indulge in a great big scoop daily, it's not exactly the healthiest thing for me to have on a...

My Favorite Food Bloggers and Recipes

A few months ago I wrote about Once a Month Meal Planning. One of our readers (Hi Lauren!) asked for links to some of my favorite recipes I use when meal planning and thus...

5 Steps to Declutter Toys

How to Know it's Time to Declutter Toys Last year after having my second child I became completely overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" in our house. Can you relate? With the new baby, visitors were...

Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet

I want to preface this post by stating I'm not a nutritionist or expert in the health field. I'm just a mom trying to find a good balance of healthy eating for myself and...