Melissa is a Central Ohio native who’s been living in Columbus for the past decade. After graduating from Miami University and living in Boston for a few years, she’s happy to call the capital city of Columbus her home. Melissa’s currently a stay at home mom to Emily and Thomas who are four and one year old. When Melissa’s not chasing around her kids and changing diapers, she loves to cook, decorate her home, try out local restaurants, read a good book and those first sips of her morning coffee! She's recently hopped on the decluttering bandwagon and is sharing her journey on her insta-blog at

Netflix Favorites: Romance Edition

How is it possible we have so many different television viewing options these days, but still can never seem to find something to watch? We got rid of cable years ago, but even with...
Christmas ideas at home

25 Days of Christmas Ideas

I've always wanted to do a special "25 days of Christmas" for my kids, but have never gotten around to doing it. Have you done this before? I think about it around the beginning or...
crafting with dad and daughter

Bringing Fathers + Daughters Together with Hero + Her

My husband always wanted to have a daughter. So, when we were expecting our first child and found out it was a girl, I know he was already thinking about how he would create...
Christmas Cookies

Decorating Cookies with Kids

Do you enjoy decorating cookies with your kids during the holiday season? Last year my good friend and I, who each have two kids the same age, decided to forgo  buying Christmas gifts for each...
Pizza Night

5 Twists on Pizza Night

Does your family have a pizza night? Friday night has become our weekly family pizza night. We usually get take out, but here are a few ideas you can easily make at home! Most of these...
Fun fall food

Fun Fall Snacks

Fall is here! Hooray! While I love the fall, I feel like it also brings a lot of not so healthy treats along with it...looking at you Halloween candy! In an effort to keep...
weight watchers

5 Ways to Win at Weight Watchers

Covid-19 and the subsequent quarantine have really done a number on my waistline. Even though I've been a stay at home mom for years, we never spent all of our time at home. I...

I’m 36 and I Get An Allowance

Yes, you heard that right.  I'm 36 and I get an allowance. To note, I actually like getting an allowance. Oh and my husband gets one too. Yes, we get the same amount. Before you think...

Taco Night Favorites

Taco night is a favorite at our house. Is it at yours too? There are so many reasons to love it! First, it's a meal most of my family will happily eat. Second, it's usually...

Creating a Better Wardrobe for Kids: Part 2

In the first part of this series, I wrote about creating a more kid-friendly closet system. Although it's not imperative you read it before jumping into this one, you can read that post here....