Fun Fall Snacks


Fall is here! Hooray! While I love the fall, I feel like it also brings a lot of not so healthy treats along with it…looking at you Halloween candy! In an effort to keep the fall a little more healthy, but also still fun for my kids, I’ve created a few fun fall snacks inspired by the season. I hope your kids like these ideas as much as mine have!

Simple and Fun Fall Snacks:

Apple DonutsThese are a cross between the apple + PB sandwiches and apples with dip, listed below. I think the kids like them due to the fun toppings. It can be a pretty healthy snack or more of a treat, depending on the toppings you use. Here I used chocolate hummus, vanilla yogurt and peanut butter as the spreads and nuts, sprinkles and chocolate chips as the toppings.

Apple + PB SandwichesMy daughter saw this fun fall snack on Sesame Street and she’s been pretty obsessed with them ever since! I don’t mind though because they’re healthy and easy to make. These make a great snack or addition to lunch! To make, slice an apple across the core into thin slices. Cut out the core and spread peanut butter on one slice. Top with another slice and you’re done!

Apples with DipThere are so many options here. If you have it as a treat, use a caramel dip, which is easy to find at the store. You can also use peanut butter, plain yogurt or a flavored yogurt. My personal favorite is a little bit of plain Greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter!

Fun fall food

Clementine PumpkinsThis is super easy, yet so festive for October. Simply peel a clementine and stick a green pepper piece in top for a stem. I’ve also seen other people use a piece of celery for a stem. Snack time does not get easier than these fun fall snacks!

Banana Ghosts – As long as your kids are old enough to handle foods on a stick, this one is perfect for Halloween! To make, just cut a banana in half and push in a cake pop stick or paper straw, then add two chocolate chip eyes and you’re done! I find chocolate, even in a small quantity as this, always is a hit at snack time!

Candy Corn Fruit Plate –  Here’s a healthy twist on one of the seasons most sugary treats – candy corn! My version isn’t quite as sugary, but still sweet enough your kids will probably like it. You could make these in little cups or laid out onto a plate. The cleanest version for my kids is on a plate, but it’s up to you. To make this treat, layer orange slices, pineapple and yogurt into the shape of a candy corn and eat! It’s as simple as that!

Fun fall food

Cheesy Apples – Cheese and pretzels is one of my favorite snacks. This one is a festive take on it, by making a Babybel cheese wheel into an apple! Use a stick pretzel as a stem and green pepper piece for a leaf. My kids love to peel the cheese out of the wrapper.  Serve with a side of pretzels and you’ve got a snack time hit!

Savory Toast Leaves – I think we saw this idea in one of Emily’s magazines for kids, like Highlights. Just toast bread and then use a cookie cutter to cut into leaf shapes. Spread on hummus and then add some pepper strips to look like leaves! Isn’t that fun? You could also do this with a pumpkin shape.

Fall Snack Mix – I happen to love snack mixes and so do my kids! This is an easy one because you can just add in whatever items you want. What I use to make it perfect for fall: Cinnamon Chex cereal, dried or freeze dried apple slices, candy corn, pecan pieces and pretzels. Feel free to use whatever items your kids like though!

You can also put an educational spin on snack time and check out this Apple Fractions idea.

Do you have any fun fall snack ideas?

If so, I’d love for you to share them in the comments, below!

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