Shellie is an Occupational Therapist and Lactation Counselor turned Health Coach. She grew up in Youngstown and moved to Columbus to attend The Ohio State University. Columbus has been her home for the past 25+ years. She has 3 jobs, 1 husband, 3 kids, and 1 fur baby. When she’s not momming or working, she is researching all things related to nutrition and natural health. For that matter, she has an unhealthy relationship with her iPad and is not setting the best example for her kids. Her passion is to help busy moms transform their lifestyles so they can raise strong, healthy and happy families. She blogs about nutrition and natural health at Shelli Bolyard.
GoPeer tutoring

Benefits of Online Tutoring With GoPeer

It’s 2022 and we’re still in a pandemic. Schools are doing the best they can, but they’re still far from normal. Pandemic life is hard for 100,001 reasons. For our second graders, it means they...

8 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress for Parents

As magical as the holidays are, they come with an unfair amount of holiday stress, especially for parents. We want to make exciting memories with our kids. We want to make  all the magic...
Acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

No one will deny that parenting is tough. The last thing you want to worry about are the struggles of being a mom, but sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break. Moms...

Carefree Cooking: Grilling with Fruit and Veggies

Summer is an wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, so why not have a barbecue? Grilling is an excellent way to cook food in the summer, because you can avoid heating up your kitchen....
get outside!

5 Ways Nature Promotes Wellness

After a year + of pandemic life, we need to find ways to improve our overall wellness. Fear, stress, anxiety, isolation, and frustration all take their toll on our health and wellness. Everyone has...

How to Safely Use Essential Oils with Babies

Essential oils, when used correctly, are very safe and effective natural solutions. They are pure plant molecules and can be used with children and even with babies.   Essential oils can be a safe and...

5 Signs You Need a Life Reset

    Let’s be honest. Everyone needs a life reset in 2020! But even in more “normal” years, most of us need to do some type of reset. The change of seasons is usually the best...
staying motivated

Six Ways to Create Habits to Stay Motivated

It's no secret being a mom is hard. Being a mom during a global pandemic is really, really hard. And, it's really easy to get lost and lose your motivation. But our kids need...

Mindful Journaling

Parenting is hard. Parenting during a global pandemic is really hard. Even with things opening back up, the "new normal" is hard. All this hard is stressful. And chronic stress lowers your immune system and...
Creativity for Moms

6 Reasons Moms Need to Develop Their Creativity

To succeed as a parent, you need to be pretty structured. You need daily schedules and routines. Your kids thrive on routines and you need them to keep your sanity. It’s so easy to get...