National Grilled Cheese Day


If I had to list the top five reasons I fell in love with Columbus, grilled cheese would be on that list.

Monday nights + patio weather + sneaking off of work as early as possible for a “meeting” + all of my favorite people gathered around plates and plates of grilled cheese and the occasional bowl of tomato soup (ordered by whoever got a good paycheck that week)= perfection. 

Grilled cheese brought us together and created a reason for weekly laughter and stories of the early-20’s life. Grilled cheese helped me become hooked on Columbus. Anyone who has crowded into Bodega on a Monday night knows just what I’m talking about (although the whole feel of the restaurant has changed since the days I frequented, I hear they still dish out Monday grilled cheese.)

grilled cheese sandwiches in Columbus

Whether it’s from fond memories of your childhood or the memories of those college and post-college days when you were stretching the grocery budget, grilled cheese is a staple. There seems to be no true consensus on just how to make the perfect grilled cheese.

Which bread do you use?
What kind of cheese is best?
Do you keep it simple or spice it up?
Solo or paired?

It’s like a gift that keeps on giving with unlimited options to try.

Strawberry Bacon Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese from Neighborfood

I don’t know who decides on national holidays, but the person who committed National Grilled Cheese Day to the calendar is a hero in my book. April 12- a day we can always look forward to, as spring emerges and yet our need for comfort food is still present. Friends, I want this holiday to be one that you can look forward to for years to come, so keep reading and gather ideas for both the kids and adults from Columbus food bloggers or some of the best local restaurants. Pick as many as you can try and eat up! 

On the Fancy Side: Because We Are Adults

1. Courtney of Neighborfood will have you drooling with this recipe that would be PERFECT for an afternoon on the patio with friends in the sunshine. Strawberry Bacon Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

2. Grilled Cheese with Pesto and Black Bean Spread from The Lean Green Bean is an awesome mix of flavors that is sure to be pleasing to the palate.

3. Croque Monsieur from The Beard and the Baker pairs perfect savory meat with your delectable cheese so that you can have an incredible taste and presentation!

4. What Molly Made brings a PIMENTO GRILLED CHEESE WITH BOURBON BACON JAM to the table that will remind you that grilled cheese can be a savory delicacy.


Bourbon Bacon Pimento Grilled Cheese from What Molly Made

Making it Fun with the Kids:

Serve grilled cheese over tomato soup to make it fun for the kids!

1. Cookie cutter shapes: Kids are always fascinated by eating foods with different shapes. Surprise your kids with stars, hearts, or their favorite dinosaur grilled cheese.
2. Wrap-ups: Use soft tortillas to make grilled cheese wrap-ups. (These also make great on-the-go snacks!)
3. Pizza: Add pepperoni and sauce to make a pizza grilled cheese. This will feel like a special treat!
4. Dipping Cups: Serve grilled cheese slices over a cup of tomato soup for fun, easy and kid-fancy dipping. (Inspired by the catering from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing as shown.)

Let Someone Else Do the Cooking:

1. Bodega: If you do happy hour in the Short North, chances are you’ve been to Bodega for their unbeatable ½ off drafts. They also are famous for their Monday night $1 grilled cheese. This is the basic grilled cheese, but again, $1. If you want to indulge on their fancy grilled cheese served with tomato bisque, you can get it anytime.
2. Skillet Rustic Urban FoodApple – cheddar cream cheese on griddled buttery brioche with urban farmed pea shoots; served with your choice of soup. Yum!
3. The Pearl: Brie, Pear Jam, Roasted Squash, Arugula Pesto. Definitely not your college-dorm version! This is one grilled cheese you don’t want to miss! 
4. MELT: And, of course, if you want to go with a group and get a variety of grilled cheese types- this is the spot for you! MELT’s menu is built around variations of grilled cheese and honestly, you can’t go wrong.

So whether you’re celebrating with your kids, your best buds or getting out by yourself, you really can’t go wrong with celebrating National Grilled Cheese day. Enjoy!