A Columbus Mom’s Back-to-School Guide


We’re gearing up to begin another school year and we know that brings excitement for some and panic for others. We’ve rounded up some of the Back-to-School posts we’ve written throughout the years and have organized them into one spot to make it easier for you to find the resources you need.

Back to School GuideCheers to a happy Back-to-School season and a great year!

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Helpful Ways to Ease Back-to-School Butterflies

Starting school or going back to school can be a stressful time. Here are some things to consider to ease the transition.

Building a Solid Routine for the School Year

Summers tend to mean a more relaxed schedule which can make it difficult for children to adjust back into the school routine. Here are some tips for parents and teachers to help make the transition even smoother. 


School Supplies

Free Clothing and School Supplies 

The high cost of school supplies leaves many parents unsure of how they will afford the needed materials. You will find a list of local organizations that provide free items for families in need.

Back to school

Guide to Central Ohio Preschools

We know it can be overwhelming to select the right preschool or daycare for your child. Here you’ll find an extensive list of preschools across Central Ohio, organized for your convenience in alphabetical order by town. 

Parents’ Day Out Programs

If you have a child who isn’t quite ready for preschool (or maybe you’re not quite ready for preschool), this is a great alternative.

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School Lunches

How to Pack a Healthy School Lunch

Help fuel your child for success by packing a nutritious lunch. Check out these ideas.

School Snacks

Quick & Easy Preschool Snacks

Do you dread your appointed snack day? Here are some go-to snack ideas that are quick and easy and can totally be pulled off the night before, last minute mom style. 

After-School Snacks

30 After-School Snack Ideas

All of these ideas are easy and can be made ahead of time or quickly made once the kids hop off the bus! Hopefully, this list inspires you with some fun ideas for your children and help make the time between school and dinner a little bit tastier!

3 After School Smoothies

After a long day of learning, a filling, yet healthy snack is just what the kiddos or even mom needs to tide her over until dinner. These are perfect to take on the go if you are heading to practice or other after-school activities.


Kids Eat Free Guide

Let’s be real. Sometimes (or a lot) we need a break from cooking. There are money saving deals on this list for every day of the week!

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Emotions from the Kids Leaving

I’m Going to Miss Her

If you have a child going to school full-time have you thought about what you are going to miss most?

Is it Preschool Yet? Cuz I’m Done

“It needs to be preschool. Someone else needs to care for you, even if it’s only for three hours. Cuz I’m done.”

I Didn’t Expect to Cry at Preschool Dropoff

“I saw the back of his head, watched his little feet as he stepped to the door, and I cried.”

Letter to Your Kindergartner

This letter was written from a mom to her son on his first day of Kindergarten. These moments are bittersweet. Enjoy every moment! 

A Little More Free Time

Columbus Fitness Guide

With the kid(s) back at school, it might give you a little more time to fit in a workout. Check out these local fitness options. {If you do have little ones with you, some of them offer free childcare.}

Makeup Application Locations in Columbus

Here’s a list of Columbus-area locations for makeup application. Many of them offer additional services, like massages, facials and mani/pedis, so you can make a day out of it and enjoy some extra pampering.

After School

15 Ways to Ask “How was school today?” Without Asking It

Instead of the typical, “How was school today?”, try asking these questions to get your child to open up and tell you more.

No Homework Policy

Many teachers, schools and districts are limiting the amount of homework given to kids in elementary school. Here are some things to consider.

Please Stop Asking My Kid to Sell Stuff

Enough. With. The. Fundraisers. 

learning resources

10 Great Educational Apps

Screen time can be beneficial. These apps help reinforce reading and math skills, sorting, classifying, and problem-solving. 

5 Tablet Apps for Kindergarten Readiness

“It is of great comfort to me to have found educational games I can trust are actually teaching my children and stimulating their creativity.”

Storytimes in Columbus

Not only does Columbus have an extensive library system full of story times, but there are many retail options that offer story times as well. Some of these are in the evenings or on weekends so even school-aged children may be able to join.

Chapter Books for Kids That Encourage a Love of Reading

This list of books for both boys and girls ages 5-10 can be a great resource for any type of reader. These options can either be read aloud to your child(ren) as an introduction to chapter books or read independently.

We wish you a wonderful Back-to-School season!

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