Kickstart Your Health with The MAX Challenge

Many thanks to our partners at The MAX Challenge for providing a complimentary class. The opinions that follow are solely those of the author.

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with the owner of The Max Challenge of Westerville and from the first conversation, I could feel the passion that she has for her new health venture. She invited me to take a class, via Zoom which is what they are offering at the moment. In addition, they will be offering in-person classes beginning in April, so you can choose whatever option you are most comfortable with!

I was excited to try something new, especially a LIVE class, as I had only been participating in digital studio classes for the past year. My first impression was how contagious Maria’s positive attitude and inspiration transpired to each person participating in the class. You could hear the way she said your name that she was rooting for you each step of the class.

The class was a great challenge for me and I loved the chance to get a workout done before my kids woke up! As a mom, she could relate to this situation as well. I got a great sweat on and liked how each day focuses on a different body section- as in upper body, lower body, and cardio mixed in depending on the day. The Zoom setup was very engaging and kept my attention throughout the entire 45 minute class.

The Zoom workout was very engaging with Maria cheering all of us on throughout the class!

I wanted to give you a little more background about the program especially if you are trying to determine if this is the program for you. Even after just one class, I could feel the accountability and how motivating it would be to get to work with Maria in addition to all the other people in the ten-week program.

The MAX Challenge Facts

The MAX Challenge is a 10-week transformation program designed to help you make lasting changes to your fitness level, body composition, and overall health so you can feel your very best.

  • It combines fun and effective group fitness classes with a nutrition program and a high level of motivation and accountability.
  • During the 10-week program, no two workouts are ever the same! You’ll experience a mix of cardio interval training and strength training to help you burn fat and build muscle. The workouts always include options for each exercise and are appropriate for ALL fitness levels.
  • The nutrition program is easy to follow and requires no special foods. It’s all about learning to make better choices at the grocery store and creating better nutrition habits for the long term. The MAX Challenge provides sample grocery lists, meal plans, recipes and cooking demos.
  • Currently, The MAX Challenge is a virtual-only program, but you will soon be able to participate in-person OR live via Zoom! The MAX Challenge is opening a location in Westerville (near the Otterbein campus at 20 Collegeview Rd.) in early April.
  • The next 10-week challenge starts on April 12th!

Kickstart your healthAfter class, I had the chance to speak to one of the current members of the 10-week program. What stuck out most about her insight into the program, was that her favorite part was MARIA. She spoke of Maria highly and noted that she is super positive, motivated, and passionate about helping others. She even holds multiple meetings per week for all of the team members to just chat with each other. The Facebook group also has encouraging posts and recipes. The app is also used to track your nutrition and workouts and can help you pass on your child’s leftover macaroni and cheese! As the weeks go on, the workouts present more of a challenge but prepare you to become stronger each week. Maria’s smile lights up a room and her positive energy can encourage and motivate anyone through the challenge.

Meet Maria! Your coach, motivator, and biggest cheerleader!

I have to say The MAX Challenge is definitely a program designed for busy moms. The combination of accountability, nutritional education, and meetings is a trifecta to me that seems like something that can work for life. It is not just a 10-week program, it is a change of mindset and everyday life choices. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook page today for more information.

Progress with a great system in place!
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