Honoring a Favorite Toy on National LEGO Day


National LEGO Day is coming up on January 28th! This classic toy is a household name across the world and has become a staple to any toy collection. It has graced the floors of nearly every toy room and pained the feet of many parents in the process. It is the toy that is loved across multiple generations and continues to be one of the most popular toys today.

Many childhood memories include LEGO

Some of my favorite childhood memories were days that I spent at my grandparents’ home with my cousins. We would dig out the old LEGO box that had been my uncle’s growing up, and we would each build the most indestructible car or truck we could. Then, we would bet our cars against each other by crashing them into our grandparents’ kitchen cabinets to see which car would come away with the least amount of damage – the winner. I think the windows rattled from the volume of our cheers, yells, and laughter! I am so grateful for those memories, and mostly for having grandparents with the patience and laid-back attitude that allowed us to make them. Now, those same LEGOs are still in that hallway closet for the next generation to play with when they visit.

LEGO sets are timeless toys across generations

Flash forward to being a parent of three, LEGO has overtaken our house. LEGO is at the top of every birthday and Christmas list, and they are always begging to visit the local toy store to buy more mini figures to go with their sets. Though a small part of me loathes finding tiny LEGO pieces around the house, digging them out of the vacuum canister, and fighting the losing battle of keeping all the sets organized and separate in their own boxes, they are truly one of my favorite toys for my kids.

It sparks their creativity in a way that no other toy does, keeping them busy for hours to make their imagination come to life. They are gender neutral, but with the flexibility to buy something with princesses or trucks if that’s what my kids prefer. They are also durable, with our first LEGO sets lasting through all three kids with the intent of saving them for possible future grandkids just like my grandma did. And even if you’re like me trying to keep the sets separated, they are fairly easy to store in various containers to fit on the toy shelf or in a cabinet. LEGO truly is a classic toy that we welcome with open arms in our home, and also make a great gift for the little ones we love in our life.

A visit to the Legoland Discovery Center at Easton provides hours of fun for the family

LEGO’s long history also makes it a very interesting toy, so in honor of National LEGO Day here are some fun facts (gathered from here: Top 10 Lego Facts) about this classic toy:

  • The founder of LEGO, Ole Kirk Christiansen, came up with the name of his company using the Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play well”
  • In 2015, LEGO was named “World’s Most Powerful Brand” by Brand Finance
  • LEGO company was founded in 1939, but the modern bricks we know today were created in 1958.
  • LEGOs made today work with LEGOs made back in 1958 – Talk about timeless design!
  • During the holiday season, 28 sets are sold every second!

And if you are interested in joining the fun of National LEGO Day, here are a few ways you can celebrate:

  • Visit Legoland Discovery Center at Easton – Don’t forget to buy your tickets online for guaranteed entry! See their website for the latest hours and COVID protocols.
  • Visit Bedlam Bricks store, a local toy store near Polaris that sells all things Lego!
  • Join your family in building a new or favorite Lego set!
  • LEGO has even evolved into the film industry, so cozy up with the family for a LEGO movie night or an episode of LEGO Friends!
  • Encourage your child to try this tech animation project.

However you choose to celebrate this classic toy, I’m sure we can all agree that this toy will continue to entertain kids for years to come, outlasting the trends of each generation. LEGO is here to stay, and I am here for it!

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