Cat I

Cat I
Cat I although not an Ohio native, she and her family have lived in Columbus for 5 years and have come to call the city home. She has three children twin girl and a son. She is a stay-at-home mom by week, and a NICU nurse by weekend. Cat has been blogging for several years. She enjoys sharing witty insight to all things parenting. Cat enjoys minivans, hot coffee (that wasn’t rewarmed 3 times) skinny jeans, spicy food, all things gingham pattern, pretty décor, her crockpot, and skiing. She looks forward to sharing her simple pearls of wisdom.

Fall Traditions for Columbus Families

Fall has made an appearance! It is our favorite season of the year and a beautiful time in Columbus, Ohio to create some fall traditions. We wanted to share some of the fun events and...

Fall Foliage in Columbus

  I countdown to fall every year. I love nothing more than going on a walk with a cup of coffee and take in the fall scenery. Central Ohio is beautiful this time of year. I wanted to...
First Time Mom Advice

To The First Time Mom… Let Me Give It To You Straight

Dear First Time Mom, You literally have no clue what is coming. I say this with the most loving tone and open arms. I wish someone gave it to me straight.  I am here to do you...
perspective for the new year

“Be Low-Key. Be Private. Be Humble.”

I recently saw a quote on a canvas bag as I was looking for holiday gifts this year. I remember reading it and it stopped me in my tracks and I thought, "Oh... this...
cookie recipes

Columbus Moms Blog Favorite Holiday Cookies

  The holidays are here and we are so excited to share some of our favorite cookie recipes from our writers. These goodies are loved among our contributors who enjoy making them with their families...

12 Days of Columbus Dates

Holiday shopping can be so daunting, and finding gifts each year for your significant other can be difficult for some. Recently, a good friend of mine told me about the "12 Days of Christmas Date...

25 Days of Christmas Activities

The holidays are here and there are so many ways to celebrate the season. A fun idea that my family likes to do is participate in the 25 days of Christmas. The idea is to do an...
under appreciated mom

To The Part-Time Working/Full-Time Stay at Home Parent… I See You!

Whenever I meet someone new and we start talking about life, a common question comes up: "Do you stay home?" I have a bit of an identity crisis when this question comes up. You see, the...
shoe store

Sales Tax Holiday and Shoe Shopping! Snag them UP!

It is back to school season! So it is time to hit up the stores and score some good deals on Sales Tax Holiday Weekend starting August 3rd-5th. One necessity all kids will need...
losing a loved one

Navigating Parenting When A Loved One Dies

  There will come a time in your parenting gig when it all gets really real, real fast. You find yourself stunned and needing to be on point. For me, that moment came earlier this...