3 Ways to Read More as a Mom


I’ve always loved to read, but as a mom to little kids, it was hard to take time at the library to look for books for myself. While I know I could have read on my phone or used a device, like a Kindle, it just never appealed to me. Also, who has the time to read as a mom to littles?

Enter Covid… I could no longer go to the library and the thought of handling public books temporarily lost its appeal. Also, I had a lot more time at home! What did I do? I read!

Here are three ways I’ve found since 2020 to read more!

Libby app

When I was forced to abandon the library in 2020, I found the Libby App on my phone to check out books through my local library. I truly love this app! I’ve found so many great books and new-to-me genres that I never would have found perusing the library on my own. The app is free, you just need a library card.

Read instead of watching TV at night

When the kids go to bed, I used to collapse on the couch for an hour or two of television. With Covid putting a halt on so many television programs I watched, I had a lot more time at night, which I started using to read. It’s amazing how many books you can get through when you replace an hour or two of tv every day with reading!

Now don’t get me wrong, when one of my favorite shows is on, I definitely sit and enjoy it, but if not, you can find me reading!


This was a true game changer! After about 6 months of reading on my phone, my husband surprised me with a Kindle! I was hesitant at first, but I love it now! I have a Kindle Paperwhite which has a larger screen than my phone and has matte pages, which makes it easier to read. It’s compatible with Libby, so I can continually check out books, load them to my Kindle and go!

I always hear people saying they want to read more, but how? Who has the time? Well, these three ways above are how I found the ability and time to do so!

If you want to read more, I hope these help you do just that! Start with a favorite mommy read today.

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Melissa is a Central Ohio native who’s been living in Columbus for the past decade. After graduating from Miami University and living in Boston for a few years, she’s happy to call the capital city of Columbus her home. Melissa’s currently a stay at home mom to Emily and Thomas who are four and one year old. When Melissa’s not chasing around her kids and changing diapers, she loves to cook, decorate her home, try out local restaurants, read a good book and those first sips of her morning coffee! She's recently hopped on the decluttering bandwagon and is sharing her journey on her insta-blog at @everyday.simple.mom.