Making Milkshake Memories


After not seeing my parents for a while due to current pandemic related circumstances, we recently had the privilege of spending time with my them in my childhood home. I have such nostalgic memories of whipping up the most delicious milkshakes in the kitchen with my mom. Ice cream was always comforting and healing after a long day, a break up, a celebration, or on a random Monday. As we were planning our trip to their house, these hot summer days had me craving more sweet, creamy treats. I knew that family-owned Hudsonville Ice Cream’s divine ice cream would be perfect to surprise my mom and my daughter for a three-generation milkshake making event!

I know that my mom and my daughter were so excited to be included in such a lifelong tradition with some of the most delicious ice cream!

I’ll admit… it was a challenge keeping my Dad away from the ice cream with a spoon before we even began. My daughter wanted “any flavor with chocolate” (as a 3-year-old does) so we started our girl time with Hudsonville’s Brownie Batter Cookie Dough, a delicious blend of brownie ice cream with bits of brownie and cookie dough. We blended it up with milk from our local dairy. I’m not sure what was more fun, sinking that scooper into that ice cream, or hearing my daughter squeal as my mom helped her granddaughter scoop ice cream out and drop it into the blender. My daughter shared her milkshake with each of us and we almost weren’t sure if we wanted to move on to our second flavor.

Next up was Toasted Coconut… and my mom and I have what could be considered a strong addiction to coconut. Never having this specific flavor before, it had some high standards to meet. And we were BLOWN AWAY! The bits of chocolate covered coconut blended incredibly with milk and it left us silent for a couple minutes while we blissfully sipped… and sort of shared.

It was so special spending time with my family during this weird new phase of life. I’m so thankful that we live close enough to grandparents to see them during quarantine and keep making these special memories. It felt strange yet wonderful to find joy in such a heavy time of life. It seems like these are the times we desperately need family when it’s safe, milkshakes when we can, and delicious Hudsonville Ice Cream always.

To make your own delicious Hudsonville Ice Cream milkshakes, check out the scoop locator to find a store near you that carries their brand.  And be sure to use this Sweetest Summer Ever coupon!

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Kristina is a working mama living in northeast Columbus with her husband, Mike, their always-on-the-go toddler, Morgan, and their dog, Tanner. As a professional counselor and primary caretaker of a tiny human, Kristina understands the importance of self care, whether that’s through walks and workouts with your mom village or five minutes (if you can get that long) with a hot cup of coffee. Kristina is also a part-time wine associate at a family owned shop in Westerville, so she knows a glass of wine is usually vital for self-care, too. She’s a coffee lover, a bourbon sipper, and a kayak adventurer. Kristina hopes to encourage parents in the long, sometimes very lonely days of parenting by reminding all parents that social media isn’t real life; in fact, she spilled coffee on herself while typing this bio. To follow Kristina through the moments when you are full of love and the moments you're at your wit’s end, check out “for the love” for the love.


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