5 Kid-Friendly Columbus Brunch Spots


Brunch has always been one of my favorite meals. Since my son was born, we do look more for kid-friendly restaurants to enjoy and also look for a place that my energetic, loud, at times table linen coloring son can enjoy as well. The Columbus area has so many great places for brunch and here are five of our family’s favorite spots!

5 Kid-Friendly Brunch Spots

Matt the Miller’s Tavern -Grandview, Dublin, Polaris

This is our go-to place for brunch. Their Sunday brunch buffet is probably one of my favorite meals to eat out in Columbus. The variety for brunch is the best. It is great for kids because you can give your kids the normal portion of food they would usually eat and not be wasteful. If they want more, it is easy to go back for seconds. My favorite part for kids is the fact, they have kid plates and silverware which I love for my three-year-old. Their brunch is very popular, so I highly recommend reservations to make sure you don’t have to wait long.

Kraft House No. 5 -Powell

Our family found out about this brunch one Sunday when we had planned to go to the zoo. We didn’t make a reservation for Matt the Miller’s and it was super packed, so we headed toward the zoo. We usually drive through Powell and saw that it was open and found that they had a great brunch menu and a kids’ brunch menu as well. The food was delicious and also it was a short drive to the zoo to continue family time for the day!

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery (Downtown Columbus)

Yes, a brewery has a great brunch and is kid-friendly too! My husband loved going to this one because he has been a fan of their beers. The kids’ menu has some kid-friendly versions of the regular menu and had the option for basic kid food as well. They offered a simple fruit plate or what they called “the brunch plate”- which is the option to order simple food like eggs and bacon for the kids to eat. While we were here, we did order off the dessert menu for an apple doughnut that had ice cream for a special treat. Yum!

Apple doughnut with ice cream was a hit!

Local Cantina (Multiple locations in Columbus)

This brunch starts at 11:00 a.m. when the restaurant opens. We found their brunch menu one Saturday when we happened to stop in for an early lunch. It doesn’t have a separate kids’ brunch menu, but all the food is delicious and easy to share. We love eating here because it has a kid-friendly atmosphere for my energetic and sometimes loud son.

Galena Diner (Galena)

This place has that lovely small-town feel vibe. It is short drive our home in Westerville. It is kid-friendly with a kids menu and a large a la carte menu, which I think is a huge bonus for little kids to pick out their favorite foods. My son is a huge fruit person, so we always end up with fruit cup and I was very happy with the variety of fruit in the cup especially since it was the wintertime. We did notice that the lunch menu didn’t start until noon so if you go and want more lunch type menus, it may be good to go closer to lunchtime.

What’s your favorite brunch spot to hit up with the kiddos? Be sure to check out our post about the coffee trail with kids too!

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Nicole was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. She graduated with her bachelors in nursing from the University of Toledo in 2009. In 2012, she moved to Columbus for a big city, single girl life, but as life would have it, started dating her husband six months later and the rest is history. She joined the motherhood club in May 2016 with the birth of son Austin and welcomed daughter Madelyn in July 2019. When not keeping up with her two kids, she works full time. On weekends, a favorite activity is getting together with friends that have multiple kids and enjoying the chaos of three year olds and babies, while attempting to watch a whole football game without tears or reminding a kid to share. Nicole’s top three ways for self-care are a quick run in her neighborhood, a glass of wine, and retail therapy. She considers brunch the best meal of the day with a mission to find the best places for french toast in Columbus.