Birthday Spots on a Budget


Columbus Birthday Parties

I’m all about keeping life easy. Birthday parties at my home are too much work in my opinion. I did a big first birthday party, and it was fun but so tiring. Having parties outside the home can be a blast. However, having a birthday party can get very expensive. Here at Columbus Mom’s Blog, we wanted to keep it easy on you. We have compiled a list of places to have a gathering that are inexpensive and fun. Have a look!

  1. Home Depot

    • Cost: $0 FREE
    • Yes, you can have a birthday party at Home Depot. Such a cute idea for any Bob the Builder fans. Home Depot offers free workshops to children. You just have to go online and register your kids. Take your littles and a few friends and register yourself for these fun activities they switch up the themes and the projects! Check it out!
  2. Graters Ice Cream on Bethel

    • Cost: $50 gets you the party room.  Full experience the cost $11.95 a child with a $25 deposit
    • Kids get to enjoy the indoor play area a private birthday room and Ice Cream. The party includes: 90 minutes of room time, a host to lead activities, build your own Sunday bar, party supplies, and clean up.
  3. Homestead Shelters

    • Cost: The prices range varies depending on the type of shelter along with the time of day. The range is from $45-$100
    • Homestead is an amazing metro park. Great spot for Spring, Early Fall and Summer birthdays.  Lots of picnic tables,  play structures and a pond to explore. There is also a train caboose for those wanting a train theme party. One of the shelters is a white barn and would be an adorable spot to decorate. Below are the links for the shelter information and reservations:
  4. Westerville Park Shelters

    • Cost: FREE (must put down a $25 deposit that can be refunded or donated to the Westerville Parks Foundation)
    • There are 11 shelters to choose from located throughout the city of Westerville.
    • Link for more information: Westerville Park Shelters
  5. Joann Fabrics

    • Cost: Packages start at $125 for 8 children and include the invitations, room, instructor, project supplies and clean-up.
    • You can have a craft party! Joann Fabrics also offers the option to register for different themed classes.  This would be a perfect birthday idea for a small group of children.
  6. Pool Parties at Various Recreation Centers

    (check your local pools for rates)

    • Example Cost: Dublin Pool for Residents $65 for use of the pool and room for 2.5 hours (cost for non-residents is $130)
    • For the Dublin pool the cost includes the use of the pool and a party room. They also provide plates and forks for 20 people along with a party coordinator. Decorations are included as well
  7. The Naz

    • Cost: $35 Room Rental Fee for guests who order a party package from the cafe. It is $75 if you are bringing in your own food.
    • Ages: 1-8
    • The Naz Playspace is a huge indoor playground with slides and tunnels for your littles to run wild. The Playspace is attached to the Grove City Church of the Nazarene (you do not have to be apart of the church to use the space)  There is a private party room attached to the play area and your party gets 1.5 hours of play. The play area is open to the public during the party.
      • Link: The Naz
      • To reserve call: 614-305-2034
  8. Local Fire Department

    • Free
    • Call around to your local fire department for a tour of the fire house. The kids would have a kick.  Have your cake and presents at a nearby park. The Upper Arlington Fire Department has a wonderful park (Reed Road Park) directly behind the firehouse (FYI).
  9. The OSU Airport Observation Tower

    • Cost: $25 an hour for the room
    • The OSU Observation Tower would be a nice sport for a smaller gathering the room can hold 12 people. The tower offers a 360-degree view of the airfield below. It’s wonderful for watching planes land and take off. Do check with the observation tower for good times to have the events. There are certain times of the days when there are more departures and landings.
  10. Anthony Thomas Chocolate Factory Tour

    • Cost: Children under 2 are free. Ages 3 to 18 are $1.00 per person. Ages 19 and over are $2.00 per person. Admission fee may be used towards a purchase.
    • For Groups 10 or more call and schedule a tour.
    • Tour the famous Anthony Thomas Factory. You will get to see how the candy is made by viewing the entire factory via catwalks that are above the production lines. The tour guide gives you a history of the factory and explains how the products are made. At the end of the tour, you get some free candy! Note there is no private party rooms. This would be a fun activity and then off to another location for cake and presents.
    • storefront
  11. Local Farms

    • Cost: Typically the cost is based on products purchased.  For any children’s activities see business website for the cost.  The price is usually under $10 a child.
    • For all those fall babies:  Check out the local farms for a party. This can be such a fun and inexpensive party. Who doesn’t love pumpkin picking, apple picking, corn mazes and apple cider? Many of the farms have fun child activities set up. Grab a picnic table and have some cupcakes after and you have yourself a nice little party.  Check out these farms for parties: The Orchard and Company, Lynds Fruit Farm, Jacquemin’s Farm to name a few.